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10 Tinder Tips For The Perfect Profile

10 Tinder Tips For The Perfect Profile

These Tinder tips will help you up your profile game and get you to meet the person you're looking for! Here's how to make the perfect profile!

Online dating is a tough world to navigate full of uncertainties, catfish, and social stigmas. Tinder is no exception to these conventions however, it has become an addicting lifestyle habit for many because, let’s face it, matching with a perfect 10 is a self-esteem boost for all of us. Whether you’re a Tinder newbie or a seasoned swiper, everyone could benefit from these 10 tinder tips of a perfect profile:

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

Not only must you have multiple pictures, but these pictures must be clear, recent, and tasteful. If you want to show off your body, opt for a beach or pool picture rather than a shirtless mirror selfie so you don’t come across as a try hard douchebag. This is one of the best Tinder tips for you!

10 Tinder Tips For The Perfect Profile

2. Have a comprehensive profile

This means having pictures, a bio, and filling in your occupation and schooling. This alerts people that you are both a real and productive person.

10 Tinder Tips For The Perfect Profile

3. Have an interesting and telling bio

Your bio should highlight your hobbies and maybe even showcase a joke or two (humor permitting). This will give people conversation starters and the ability to relate to any common interests when viewing your profile and after matching with you. There should also be some kind of “call to action” which will subconsciously persuade people to swipe right.

4. Be authentic

Unless your authentic self is an asshole. It’s easy to tell who’s worth a swipe and who isn’t. Your Tinder profile should reflect who you are (not who you wish you were). That will save both parties a lot of disappointment if and when you finally decide to meet.

10 Tinder Tips For The Perfect Profile

5. Ditch the sunglasses

People will assume you have something to hide. We don’t care how expensive your Ray Bans were. This is one of the Tinder tips you’ll need.

6. Hold off on the group pictures

For the love of god, stop setting your first picture as a duo pic with you and you best (but hotter) friend. There is nothing worse than being forced to scroll to the next picture just to be disappointed.¬†While group pictures indicate that you’re normal, social, and have friends, don’t showcase it first in your profile. Instead, have a nice solo (not selfie) as your first picture, and include the shots with multiple people third or fourth in the stream.

10 Tinder Tips For The Perfect Profile

7. Don’t post pictures with the opposite sex

This especially goes for hot people of the opposite sex in an attempt to make you seem like you’re desirable. Why’re are you even on Tinder?

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8. Guys, avoid the hunting and the gun photos

I know I said to showcase your hobbies in your profile, but your hunting and gun range photos aren’t charming (they’re actually a bit scary). No one wants to fear that you’re going to murder them in their sleep.

10 Tinder Tips For The Perfect Profile

9. Avoid lame conversation openers

Skip the boring “hey” or “what’s up?”. Instead, opt for an opening line that’s clever, funny, or personal. Include something that directly relates to the content of the person’s profile or a cheesy (non-offensive) gif-pun combo.

10 Tinder Tips For The Perfect Profile

10. Smile and face forward

Studies have shown smiling in your photos and facing the camera correlates to a higher number of right swipes on your profile.

Now that you have been equipped with the tools to upgrade your Tinder profile, it’s time to implement what you’ve learned and watch the matches roll in.

What are your Tinder tips for the perfect profile? Tell us in the comments!
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