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My Tinder Horror Story

Before I get into my awful experience with Tinder, I want to give a little background with my usage of the app. Does anyone else remember Hot or Not, the original Tinder? Well, I had that my senior year of high school, which was a few years ago now. I deleted it after a while, and then one of my friends told me that I should try Tinder… So I did.

It’s all in good fun, right?

Not many of the people at my school had Tinder yet, so I wasn’t super embarrassed to be on it. Plus, it was all in good fun, right? Like how many people actually get into a relationship after meeting someone on a site where you swipe left to basically say, “You’re ugly” or right to say, “You’re hot”?

I played around on it for a while, and then got rid of it sometime before graduation in June. Of course we had a party the night of graduation, and I felt the need to sign up again because, why not?

(Actual conversation between me and my Tinder horror story boy)

Introducing: Mr. Tinder

Fast forward a few weeks and it was my birthday! My friend had set up a bonfire party in my backyard, and we all had some drinks – which meant the birthday girl was getting white girl wasted. Multiple drinks into the night I decided to invite this Tinder boy, Mr. Tinder, and gave him my address.


Little did I know…

Little did I know that he actually would come… He showed up around 1 AM with his friend that looked like “fat Jesus” as my friends described him, and I didn’t even realize what was going on. He had driven an hour from his hometown to come to a little “party” for ten minutes (the party ended shortly after because I busted my toe and everyone had to leave).

Again, little did I know what was about to happen next. I continued talking to Mr. Tinder, and we started to hang out regularly, even though he lived an hour away. We started dating, and fast forward again, it was September.


The beginning of the end

It was his birthday weekend, as well as homecoming, so I went to his college town to stay with him for the weekend (it was also Veteran’s day weekend). We went back to his hometown, hung out with his old friends from school, and we stayed at his mom’s. In the middle of the night, I realized that he was gone. I went upstairs to find that his car was gone, and his brother and sister-in-law were there. I asked where he had gone, and they said they weren’t sure, maybe to “pick up his mom.”

I never saw it coming

He came home an hour later, and I found him asleep upstairs on the couch. I woke him up, and we went back stairs to go to bed.

The next day, we debated going back to his dorm and spending the rest of our weekend together there, but his friend was having a bonfire. We decided to stay one more night and go to the party. Once we got there he decided that he wanted to see me get as drunk as I was the first time we met, which I thought was strange, but went along with it anyways.

When I had finally taken about six shots, he pulled me away and said that we should break up.


He got me drunk to break up with me? Was this some kind of sick joke? I drove two hours to go to his dorm, an hour to get to his hometown (he didn’t have a license or job), and my car was still at his dorm. I was literally stranded at some person’s house that I barely knew, and he had taken off. The girl who was hosting the bonfire came to me and told me some of the things that Mr. Tinder had been saying to her.

Apparently he had been cheating on me with his former 14 year old girlfriend (he turned 20 the next day), and he has been hooking up with some of the cheerleaders too. I literally couldn’t believe it, so I called him. Miss Ex answered the phone and just laughed at me then hung up.

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Get me out of here

During this time, I went crazy girlfriend and called another one of his exes to see if he had gotten ahold of her recently. I was only curious because he had brought her up, saying that she had texted him again. She surprisingly answered, and we had a pretty good talk about how big of an a$$ he actually was.

After I talked to his ex, I called his mom to see if she was home because my stuff was at his house. Miss Bonfire was going to take me to gather my things, and then take me back to get my car from his dorm, so I could go home.

A second chance

Mr. Tinder came back at some point and acted as if nothing happened, so I went along with it to make things easier for Miss Bonfire. We went back to his house, and back to his dorm the next day. We had talked about things, so being the nice girl that I am; I decided to give him a second chance.

I stayed that night, and once he fell asleep, I looked through his phone and saw Miss Ex was his most recent contact. Yet, he had no messages or calls with her – clearly he was hiding something. I also saw that he had screenshots of girls on Tinder.

The end

I went and stayed on the couch, and he came out in the morning and asked why. I called him out on things, and he threw and absolute fit, which just made it clear that he was guilty.

To summarize my Tinder horror story, I thought I met a nice guy, but he left me stranded in a town where I knew no one, my car an hour away, and with nothing to really do about it. All to find out, he just wanted to “Tinder” again.
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