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10 Times When Your Sweet Tooth May Get The Best Of You

10 Times When Your Sweet Tooth May Get The Best Of You

Having a sweet tooth poses as both a blessing and a curse; the sugar tastes delicious despite how bad it might be for you. However, there are certain instances – that are more popular than others – in which we find ourselves craving these unhealthy treats. That’s why we came up with these 10 times when your sweet tooth may get the best of you for all those who can relate. 

1. During The Week Of Your Period. 

Cramps are bad enough as is – without the added bonus of being bloated. It is during these times that our cravings seem to get the best of us – as we reach for any form of chocolate in sight. Although it might taste good at the moment – you’ll find yourself feeling sick from all the sugar that you’ve just consumed; that’s why you must be careful because the last thing you want is to feel sicker than you already are.

2. When You Wake Up Late At Night.

Midnight – or after – is oftentimes when sugar sounds the best. You wake up in the middle of the night – way earlier than expected – only to be left in discomfort; Consequently, your grumbling stomach only worsens which motivates you to push aside your fatigue – if only for a little while – so that you can make your way to the fridge. But instead of grabbing some celery, you cut off a slice of chocolate cake (because let’s face it, it looked a whole lot better, to begin with anyway).


3. When You’re Dehydrated Because You Haven’t Drank Enough Water. 

When our bodies begin to get dehydrated is usually when we find ourselves battling frequent thirst. But for most of us, we mistake our stomach growls to be a sign of hunger – when they are actually quite the opposite. This is when that dreaded sweet tooth begins to attack from all angles; in other words, make sure that you’re reaching your required daily water intake so that you can avoid feeling discomfort within the pit of your stomach. 

4. When You’re Stressed Because Of School Or Work. 

No matter whether it’s school, work – or something similar – there will always come a point in time where you’ll find yourself feeling stressed. Unfortunately, this leads to an increase in appetite – which might cause your sweet tooth to rage out of control. The bad part about this is the more stressed – or anxious – that you are, the more sweet treats that you’ll find yourself getting ahold of; fortunately, by drinking lots of water during the times when you’re feeling this way – while being mindful of your emotions prior to eating – you’ll begin to feel a whole lot better and eat less. 


5. When You’re On A Very Strict Diet. 

Your halfway to your next cheat day – and so proud of how far you’ve come – until your sweet tooth presents itself yet again. When dieting, cutting back on unhealthy sugars can be hard – for it’s only after you’ve started adjusting that it begins to get a little bit easier. Fortunately, with a little bit of willpower and self-discipline – you can overcome these cravings through healthier alternatives.

6. When You’re Eating Out With Friends.

We’ve all been there; your friend wants to get a triple brownie sundae – the size of her head – with a side of ice cream. There’s only one problem, she can’t eat it all by herself, so instead she asks you to help her consume what seems like a week’s worth of calories. The sweet tooth is real by this point because it’s a lot harder to say no when you’re in a public place; not only that, but you don’t exactly want to be taunted by your friend’s dessert, as she eats it right before your eyes.


7. When Certain Desserts Are Advertised On TV.

Food is marketed so well – especially late at night, right before you’re about to go to bed. Consequently, it serves its purpose as we find our mouths salivating from the sweet sugary goodness that is on display before us. This can cause you to cave in a matter of minutes if you aren’t careful – as you find yourself jumping in on the driver’s side, and headed to cure your cravings.

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8. When You Haven’t Had Enough Protein.

Protein serves as one of the best ways to keep you full – and fueled – for the rest of the night. In other words, when you eat good sources of protein – such as fish and chicken – your tummy will feel a lot more satisfied. Unfortunately, when we don’t consume the right foods, we will find ourselves craving all the wrong ones – which brings us to why we even have sweet tooth attacks in the first place. 


9. When We’ve Grown Comfortable With A Bad Habit.

This serves as one of the biggest reasons behind us having cravings for these sugary goodies; we’ve become comfortable with the bad habit of eating these things, and are either unsure of how to break the cycle, or simply don’t want to. When you consume these sweet snacks every day your body eventually gets used to it – and treats it as though it’s a need. 

10. When You’re Offered Free Dessert From A Friend Or Family Member.

We all know someone who means well – but is oftentimes too nice when it comes to dessert. Instead of bringing us carrot sticks, they will do the exact opposite by making us pies, cupcakes, and everything else in between – as a way of showing love. If only that same love could be extended to our gut – but unfortunately that’s not how it works. 


We hope that you can relate to these 10 times when your sweet tooth may get the best of you. Don’t forget to share – and let us know your sweet tooth struggles – in the comments below! 

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