7 Times We Could Totally Relate To Andy Dwyer On Parks And Recreation

Andy Dwyer.  Before Heartthrob Chris Pratt stole the big screen with characters like Owen Grady from Jurassic World and Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy he was stealing hearts as the loveable and goofy Andy on NBC’s Parks and Recreation.  He was never meant to a full time part on the show, just making guest appearances in season one, but they liked him so much they asked him to stay on. And Boy are we glad they did. Loveable, goofy and sometimes clueless, Pratt Andy Dwyer became the funniest and sometimes most relatable character on Parks and Rec. If we weren’t in the same boat as him we have many friends who are.  Here are 7 times we related to Andy Dwyer

7 times we could related to Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation

1.) Trying to Sound Intelectual.

We have all had those conversations where we try to sound smarter than we are and keep up with the conversation.  Andy Dwyer was always lost in the conversation and tried so hard to turn small things into big things. Like when he said “ If you spell Peru backwards it spells Europe.  Or when he and April threw a fancy party to impress people in Leslie’s campaign. We have all been there.

7 reasons we can all relate to Andy Dwyer

2.) We don’t know what we’re doing but, were doing it really well.

Andy took whatever opportunity that came to him.  Shoe shine boy. Helping out with Leslie’s campaign.  Whatever Andy Dwyer does, he takes it on full speed and with confidence. Even when he admits he broke the coffee maker by trying o make Ramen in it.   It is exactly us when we start something new and we all believe we can fake it till we make it. Thanks Andy Dwyer.

7 times we could all relate to Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation

3.) Do I have to tuck in my shirt?

Everytime.  When I go to the grocery store I honestly have to decide if i’m going to throw on yoga pants and a t-shirt… or go for the effort of jeans and boots so it looks like I did not roll out of bed at 3 on a Saturday.  This is US every time and honestly it can be a deal breaker.

7 times we could all relate to Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation

4.)Running is Impossible

Probably the one thing Ann Perkins  and Andy Dwyer could ever agree on. When Andy was trying to lose weight with the help of Chris, he was in the one place we all are when we are drastic to have a change in our life, built not drastic enough to put in the effort.

7 times we could all relate to Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation

5.) Life is Pointless and Nothing Matters

Have you ever had a bad day?  I feel like every other week.  That day something doesn’t go right at work, or you didn’t get something you worked really hard for.  Andy Dwyer hit this nail on the head and everyone of us was right there with him.

7 times we could all relate to Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation

6.) Honesty Is the Best Policy.

I think interview is the hardest part of the job. I personally am not a good interviewer, and I personally don’t want to make a mistake before I even started.  When Andy Dwyer has to take a lie detector test he is treading lightly so he doesn’t mess up. All of us Could relate.  Or when he confessed everything to Ron. Or kept that secret from April that Ben and Leslie were pregnant.  Give the man Credit.  Honesty is the best policy. 7 times we could all relate to Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation

7.)  Giving it your all

Have you ever dozed off in a meeting or sped through a few memos and maybe not got all the information they were trying to tell you?  Just do what Andy Dwyer does. Honestly admit your mistake of not gathering all the information but win them over with charm insisting that you will do you personal best to make it happen.

7 times we could all relate to Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation

Andy Dwyer is the best.  HE is passionate and thoughtful, and he knows how to charm you over like a puppy dog, and just like a puppy he is reliable.  Which Andy Dwyer moment is your favorite?
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