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10 Times We Could All Relate To Stiles From Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf might have ended about a year and a half ago, but its characters are still memorable, especially Stiles. As Scott’s best friend, he’s more than just his trusty sidekick. Full of sarcasm and wit, he provided the humour. We could all relate to him as he didn’t have any cool superpowers. And when he found out his best friend was a werewolf, he stuck by him and supported him. We all need a Stiles in our life.

There are way too many Stiles quotes, and I couldn’t include them all. So here are 10 times we could all relate to Stiles from Teen Wolf.

1. When you have to accept the supernatural goings-ons

Stiles still being a bit shocked and confused about Scott turning into a werewolf. Yep, we are too. And there’s not just one werewolf in the town. There’s a bunch. And loads of other supernatural creatures and goings-ons. All in the one small town. And we just have to accept it as normal? Right.

2. Ignoring problems

I think we’re all guilty of this one. I mean, who hasn’t ignored their problems before? We all hope if we ignore the problem, it’ll just disappear and sort itself out, and we won’t have to deal with the dilemma head-on. But unfortunately, that hardly ever happens.

3. When you get caught spying

Stiles is a snoop and is well-known for looking at things and trying to listen in on things when he’s not supposed to. Who wouldn’t in Beacon Hills? That town is full of juicy gossip and drama. We’re all guilty of snooping … and getting caught. And then it’s time to run to try and save ourselves.

4. When sarcasm is all you’ve got

Although my sarcasm isn’t as good as I’d like it to be, I know a lot of people who are great at sarcasm and coming up with witty comments on the spot, just like Stiles. And if you’re asking me, that’s the true superpower in this show (and in life).

5. Getting caught eating food when we’re not supposed to

When someone says something shocking (um … like a murder) while you’re stuffing your mouth with food, this is the immediate reaction. It’s also the reaction when you’re eating a bunch of junk food you’re not supposed to be eating (because you’re supposed to be on a diet) and you get caught.

6. Calling out to someone when you shouldn’t

We’ve all been the Stiles in this situation. We’re all guilty of trying to catch our friend’s crush’s attention to embarrass them or just trying to catch someone’s attention when we’re not supposed to. And we’ve all been the Scott in this situation, just about dying of embarrassment and wanting to be anywhere but there.

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7. Not being subtle

Like when you get caught staring at your crush or trying to hide the fact you were staring at them, we’ve all done things not-so-subtly, just like Stiles. It’s mega embarrassing. But also super funny (once you’ve recovered).

8. When you’re sick of people being on your back

When our parents or uni tutors have told us something ten billion times, especially when we’re super busy and definitely heard them the first time, this is an all too common reaction. Can everyone just get off our backs and trust we’ve got this?

9. Your attachment to that one special possession

We all have a possession that we’re super attached to – be it a car, a laptop, a book, or an item of clothing – we’ve had it for a long time, it’s just an extra limb. We’d do anything for it. Like Stiles’s jeep, we’d never abandon it.

10. Knowing you’ve still got your best friend by your side

This is one of my favourite scenes. After loads of supernatural drama, Scott and Stiles are still best friends and are stronger than ever. You know someone’s your best friend when you go through loads of drama (maybe not as much as Scott and Stiles), and they still choose to stick around.

Which one of these points do you find the most relatable? What’s your favourite Stiles quote or moment from Teen Wolf? (There are plenty more I couldn’t include) Do you relate to another character on Teen Wolf more than Stiles?

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