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10 Times We All Have Been Lara Jean

10 Times We All Have Been Lara Jean

Lara Jean, the main character from the Netflix movie, To All The Boys I Loved Before, is far more relatable than we may have realized.

Lara Jean Covey. Oh, the girl of the moment. The main character of the popular netflix movie “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” based on the novel of the same name by Jenny Han. I loved her instantly and felt truly connected to her. I am so thankful for her character. She is charming, natural, funny, witty and unique. And I could relate to her in so many ways it was even crazy. But, to be honest, we all can. We all are Lara Jean in so many ways. She is really one of the most relatable teenage girls I have seen in a movie. Here I show you ten times we all have been the great and wonderful Lara Jean and how we relate to them:10 Times We All Have Been Lara Jean

1. We all are scared of letting people in.

Remember the deep conversation between Lara and Peter? She told him she felt the whole love and dating situations became scary when they were real because “the more people that you let into your life, the more that can just walk right out”. The idea of love is scary to her! Hasn’t every human ever felt that? But you should know it’s okay to feel scared when it comes to being vulnerable, letting people in and emotions in general. We all have been there.

2. We all are deep down hopeless romantics.

Lara Jean is one of them. Although she is not afraid to say it. She longs for a beautiful love story because that’s what she has (and loves to) read. And what about it? We all dream about something like that. Even the f***boy you met in high school dreams about it deep down. Everybody has a hopeless romantic within themselves and we deserve to be someone’s first and only choice. Jane Austen started it all.


10 Times We All Have Been Lara Jean

3. We all have crushes.

Yes, we do. Lots of them. Lara Jean had five of those and wrote a letter to each of them. Even if it is a little embarrassing to admit (which it should not be), haven’t we all done that? Creating fantastic scenarios with them in our minds, imagining our lives together, and barely know nothing about them. She even fell in love with a guy without knowing that, in reality, he was gay. Ouch…

10 Times We All Have Been Lara Jean


4. We spend so many time thinking about the what-ifs.

Do not deny it. Just like Covey said, “I’m always wondering about the what-ifs, about the road not taken.” Aren’t we all? We let go of so many opportunities in our lives that end up regretting not taking the chance when we could. What a great lessong right here! Sometimes we should risk it all and give it a chance. You may win or may lose, but you won’t be wandering in a never-ending maze of what-ifs possibilities in the near future.

5. We all have been, at least once, publicly embarrassed.

Remember how everybody knew about Lara Jean’s love letters, the night she spent with Peter and all that? We all got a funny (or not so funny) story when we got embarrased in front of so many people and wish we had never been born. Yikes!

6. Our rooms tend to look like a mess most of the time.

But, remember, when Covey’s life was a mess, she really DID clean her room. Thus, know that some things always can be fixed.


10 Times We All Have Been Lara Jean

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7. We all have let someone a scrunchie and never got it back.

UGH. How much I hate that and how many times it can happen! Well, Lara Jean didn’t got her scrunchie back either.


8. We tend to avoid facing our problems.

Really. Think about it. Just like her, we normally would rather climb out a second story window than face our real problems. But we’ll end up facing them, right? That’s what matters.

9. Low self-esteem. Outcast. Loner.

Lara Jean really feels no one pays attention to her. She spends her nights with her little sister, has only one friend and feels invisible most of the time. Do I really have to say something about this? Everybody has felt like this sometimes, sadly.

10. We all fell in love with Peter Kavinsky.

Who didn’t? It was inevitable.


10 Times We All Have Been Lara Jean

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