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Top 5 Times We All Had Hair Envy For Blake Lively

Top 5 Times We All Had Hair Envy For Blake Lively

Breaking News, Gossip Girl is getting a reboot, and the sixteen-year-old girl in me is freaking out! Not only was Gossip Girl a teen drama filled with cute boys and awesome fashion, but it also introduced us to the beautiful Blake Lively. Once we saw her long legs and even longer hair on the silver screen we all fell in love and were immediately trying to copy her style. Even if the actress doesn’t reprise her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen, we will always have that envy buried deep inside us for her gorgeous hair, on and off the screen. If you don’t have hair envy for Blake Lively right now, don’t worry you will after you read this. 

1. Old Hollywood 

Blake Lively is known for playing characters who are trendy and very stylish for the time zone they live in. Serena Van Der Woodsen was known for being up to date with the latest trends. However, Lively doesn’t need to look good in 2019, because she can rock any decade. Blake Lively has rocked old Hollywood glamour on many red carpets and always looks like the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. This look is effortlessly timeless and is giving me major envy.  

Top 5 Times We All Had Hair Envy For Blake Lively

2. DIY 

With most celebrities, you can give credit to their stylist and professional hairdressers for making them look so terrific, but not Blake Lively. She proved that we could all have hair like hers if we wanted by posting this pic of her and her husband Ryan Reynolds with the caption “If there’s one thing I’m infinitely proud of in this picture, it’s the incredible hair styling that I did on myself.” I’m sorry, what? You mean to tell me that she braided her hair into that masterpiece on her own? I can barely DIY a french braid!    

Top 5 Times We All Had Hair Envy For Blake Lively

3. Sleek and Stylish

Sometimes less is more. Because Blake Lively is such a classic beauty she doesn’t always go the full nine yards with her hair, but it always looks amazing. This sleek and stylish hairstyle would make a normal person look like they haven’t showered in weeks, but this mother of two makes it work. Let’s just all admit we are more than a little jealous that she can pull this look off so easily. 

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Top 5 Times We All Had Hair Envy For Blake Lively

4. The Side Braid 

The hair envy continues with this braided look. Braiding your hair is a challenge all on its own, and it is normally saved for camping or doing chores around the house. Blake, however, steps her braid up a notch with gorgeous earrings and makes the braid look red carpet ready. Sometimes a simple look like this can even give us mad hair envy because she makes it look so glamorous and effortless.  

Top 5 Times We All Had Hair Envy For Blake Lively

5. Messy 

Getting that perfectly messy look can take so much time and effort, not to mention when you take it out you probably look like a roadie who fell off a tour bus. Blake Lively takes the messy look to a whole new level. Whether she’s just climbed out of the water, spent the day sunbathing or maybe fell asleep we can all agree that she looks phenomenal with absolutely no effort put into this look at all. Not only are we jealous at how long her hair is, but how it isn’t constantly getting tangled and knotted when she does her messy look.   

Top 5 Times We All Had Hair Envy For Blake Lively

Good hairstyles are hard to find, and buying the good shampoo is an investment in yourself. Don’t be jealous of Lively’s golden locks, find your own style and rock it hard just like she does. 

What is your favorite Blake Lively hairstyle? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: @blakelively IG
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