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11 Times The Office Described Senior Year

11 Times The Office Described Senior Year

Senior year can be an emotional roller coaster. Luckily there’s The Office to perfectly describe every emotion you may be feeling. Keep reading for 11 times The Office described senior year!

1. When you show up to the first day of classes.

2. When someone brings up graduation.



3. When you finally finish all of your classes.

4. When you realize how much work you’ve put off because #senioritis.


5. When it’s finally Friday.

6. When someone tells you what you did the night before when you were out.

7. When you see all the freshmen out and wasted.



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8. When you’re trying to make it through your last pre-req.


9. When someone asks what your plans are for after graduation.

10. When you think about not being at school next year.

11. When you realize you have to adult.

This is one of the times the office described senior year so accurately!

Are these times The Office described senior year accurate to you? How does senior year make you feel? Comment below and share the article!
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