8 Times Olivia Pope Represented Senior Year

Senior year can bring a roller coaster of events and emotions. Luckily Olivia Pope from Scandal can “handle” all of the highs and lows and demonstrate exactly how you’re feeling. Keep reading for 8 times Olivia Pope represented senior year.

1. Finding out there’s no exams throughout the semester except presentations and papers.

2. “It’s handled.”

Whenever you have a group project and someone isn’t able to deliver their material, you go into OP mode and make it happen. Sometimes you’d have to edit something right before class. However, it was HANDLED.



3. The struggles of rising early.

Waking up for your 7 AM class was never easy but it’s your senior year of college! The next time you’d wake up this early would be to go to work.

4. Realizing that was the last paper you’d ever have to hand in!

From drafting PR plans for your PR Strategies class to briefing U.S. Supreme Court cases for your Mass Comm course, long hours of research were crucial. Olivia Pope always did her homework to be prepared for her clients. Now you’re getting into the habit. Truth: Even though it would be your final papers for school, it might not be forever. #PRLife.

5. Owning the room during a presentation.

When you have a presentation alone or with a group you stand confidently and deliver the information you were responsible for. Just like Olivia, you’re good at knowing your facts and are always ready for anything.



6. Realizing it’s ok to be scared.

Who knows exactly what life would be like after graduation? Personally I wasn’t sure if I’d be starting my public relations career or going to grad school for international communication. Even though I was preparing for both, it all seemed surreal. What was next?!

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7. Contemplating on graduation coming up.

Like Olivia Pope, you need time to think.. Think about what is going on in your life and what it took for your to get there. The journey was long but a good one! I promise you wouldn’t want to change anything.

8. Realizing that you’ll miss your friends and your entire undergrad experience.

You know your memories with your friends are ones that you wouldn’t get back but there are more moments to look forward to. Like Olivia knows, relationships are so important in life.

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