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15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

Jake Gyllenhaal must be protected at all costs like the lovable puppy that he is. He is an incredible actor and even better person who deserves all the praise in the world. 

Can he be the white month of the boy on Twitter every month from now on? 

Here is a list of the 15 times Jake Gyllenhaal looked amazing and did it effortlessly!


1. When He Played With Puppies During An Interview

Buzzfeed’s best idea to date is interviewing celebrities while they play with puppies in order to promote adopting these pets. 

Jake Gyllenhaal’s interview was like no other, because he could barely get his answers out due to the puppies licking him and attacking his sweater. 

Of course, giving Jake Gyllenhaal puppies to cuddle was a terrible interview since he was very distracted. But it was a gift to us all. 


You can watch the interview here

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

2. Photoshoot For Details Magazine

Who knew Jake Gyllenhaal looked even better in black and white? 


His magazine spread for Details Magazine included a more serious side to Jake Gyllenhaal with him smoking a cigarette and looking tortured like the artist he is. 

This was a change from his happy and scruffy side and we loved every minute of it. 

You can’t spell amazing without Jake Gyllenhaal.

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

3. His Character In Prisoners

Although his acting career is incredibly impressive, one of the characters that he completely mastered was the one of Detective Loki in Prisoners alongside Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis and Paul Dano. 

Looking like a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, he made the character 3-dimensional and did it all while looking like a tattooed model. 

He should really look into getting tattoos. 

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

4. When He Stared Deeply Into Stephen Colbert’s Eyes

No, no, the goal is not to find someone that looks at you the way Jake Gyllenhaal looks at Tom Holland, but instead someone who looks at you the way Jake Gyllenhaal looks at Stephen Colbert. 

During a late night interview, while discussing Jake Gyllenhaal’s role in Spider-man: Far From Home, there were around 40 seconds of uninterrupted eye contact from him directed at Stephen Colbert. 

He’s a little goofball with a smile that can light up everyone’s mood!

You can watch the interview here

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

5. Spider-Man: Far From Home LA Premiere

Jake Gyllenhaal has amazing style (or his stylist knows what they’re doing). Either way, someone has to be thanked, because his outfit for the LA Premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home was a Godsend. 

He did it so effortlessly, adorning a gold chain beneath his navy suit that made everyone swoon over it. Although Jake Gyllenhaal can pull off a smoldering look, nothing beats his smile. 

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

6. His WIRED Autocomplete Interview With Ryan Reynolds

What this autocomplete interview just proved to us is that Jake Gyllenhaal is unbelievably funny! In a weird kind of way. The kind of funny that it unpredictable, but still makes you laugh, because he found it funny. 

Although it’s hard to compete with Ryan Reynolds when it comes to humor, Jake Gyllenhaal did it adorably and giggled to himself a lot. 

This is one of the reasons why he’s amazing: he is so damn cute! And we want to put Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds in a room together forever.

You can watch the interview here

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

7. Velvet Buzzsaw

If anyone has seen the Netflix Original Film Velvet Buzzsaw, then you know that Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the main actors and there is one specific scene that shocked everyone in a good way. 

Jake Gyllenhaal, sat on his couch, legs atop a stool with a laptop on his lap while completely naked. 

A man that has an incredible physique, knowing his naked body would freak audiences worldwide and it worked. Velvet Buzzsaw is worth seeing, if only for that one Jake Gyllenhaal scene. 

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

8. Photoshoot For Esquire UK

Until further notice, male models worldwide are cancelled until they can get on Jake Gyllenhaal’s level. 

Either the camera loves him or the photographer does, but someone somewhere definitely loves him, because Jake Gyllenhaal has not had one bad day on a set. For Esquire UK specifically, he was unbothered, smiling by the sea looking nonchalant. 

That’s my Jake Gyllenhaal. Eyes as blue as the ocean, sparkling with joy.

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

9. His Street Style!

Whenever Jake Gyllenhaal leaves his house, be it in New York or his new place in London, we are excited for what’s to come, because he can put outfits together perfectly!

He knows exactly what looks good on him and how to attract everyone’s attention even if it’s just by picking the right color tee. Although most of his outfits are completed with his signature black Ray Bans, it just makes him cooler. 

He has looked amazing every single time, and even when he looks like he put no effort in, it works!

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

See Also

10. In Nocturnal Animals

He definitely deserved an Oscar win for his role (or even a nomination!) as Edward Sheffield in Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford. 

Not only was his acting amazing, but Tom Ford perfectly captured a side to Jake Gyllenhaal audiences love to see. A mind-bending film that allowed him to explore different sides to his character. Whether it was the clean-shaven Jake Gyllenhaal, or the scruffy sweaty one. 

We loved every second of it.

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

11. In Southpaw 

We’re not usually used to a buff Jake Gyllenhaal, whether it’s his politically incorrect role in Prince Of Persia or Donnie Darko where he was a skinny kid. But, in Southpaw, we saw a muscled out, big Jake Gyllenhaal who had his shirt off most of the time since he was a boxer. 

A fantastic film where he explored a different character well. His physique and weight gain for the role was something else as it was unexpectedly delightful.

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

12. When Ellen Brought Out His Dorky Side

Ellen has a habit of bringing out the best in her guests, but with Jake Gyllenhaal the interview was completely dorky and relaxed that you can’t help but smile when he’s on screen. 

It was a side to him that audiences love to see, because it reminds us that he is still completely down to earth and full of dad jokes.

You can watch the interview here

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

13. Point Pleasant Police Department 

During an on-going skit created by Jimmy Fallon called Point Pleasant Police Department, Jake Gyllenhaal couldn’t even keep a straight face while coffee was splattered back and forth between the two men. 

They say humor is sexy, and that is clearly the case with him. He manages to look amazing with coffee dripping down his chin, because he is incredibly entertaining! 

You can watch the skit here

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

14. Duet With James Corden

Hair slicked back, wearing a tight polo shirt and singing! Jake Gyllenhaal is known to be talented at singing as well as dancing, but this parody of Whitney Houston’s song really was out of this world. 

The duet simply made people everywhere want to be serenaded by none other than Jake Gyllenhaal himself. 

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

15. When He Wore A Patterned Suit Better Than Anybody

Jake Gyllenhaal wearing a Dries Van Noten suit on the opening night of his Broadway show Sea Wall/A Life just proved to everyone that he can literally wear anything and escalate it to a whole other level. 

A pattern like the one he wore could usually be hard to pull off and it may even tire the eyes of anyone looking at him, but he looked sophisticated and almost effortless. 

15 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Looked Amazing

If you love Jake Gyllenhaal as much as we do, let us know of the other times he was amazing in the comments!

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