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9 Times Grey’s Anatomy Perfectly Described Freshman Year

9 Times Grey’s Anatomy Perfectly Described Freshman Year

Expectation is synonymous to a free-flowing balloon, rising higher and higher unless interrupted by sharp points or objects that releases the buildup and excitement as fast as helium escapes upon rupture of nylon. On the other hand, when expectations are met or exceeded, it is like taking the first delicious bite of ice cream after craving it all day; sometimes reality can be just as sweet as the fantasy. Coming into college as a freshman, there are many expectations and grand visions of attending raging dorm parties and forming instant bonds with everyone you meet that swirl through new students’ minds. Whether these expectations are consistent with your reality or far from it, your own college experience will be what you make of it. So here are all of the times that Grey’s Anatomy represented freshman year…or at least how I imagine it would.

1. Navigating the laundry room.

Located in the basement of each dorm at SJU, the laundry room is the site where anxious freshman frantically read instructions on the backs of detergent bottles and sort through “white” and “dark” clothes piles with bewildered facial expressions. Remember to keep track of all of your belongings because frankly, losing your panties will not be as glamorous as Meredith Grey makes it look.

2. Free food on campus!

With thousands and thousands of dollars spent on meal plans and the aroma of fresh burgers and pizza from the food courts begging you to spend all of your Stormcard cash, take advantage of all opportunities for free food at school events and activities.


3. …And then realizing the Freshman 15 is all too real. Oops.


4. Needing some alone time from everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong: meeting new classmates from all over the world and making life-long bonds and friendships with suite mates and dorm mates are possibly the best experiences you will have during college. But seeing these people 24/7? A break once in a while will be more than necessary.

5. Pulling your first all-nighter to study for an exam.

You thought late nights studying for AP exams in high school were over? Think again. AP classes might be a thing of the past, but let me introduce you to things much more daunting: twenty page papers, midterms and finals. But remember: if George, Izzie, Alex, Mere and Yang from Grey’s Anatomy did it, so can you!


6. Going to your first “college party.”

Let’s be honest it will probably be lame. But should you have this “first experience” anyway? Yes. Should you be a responsible student and not do anything to risk losing your scholarships or jeopardizing your safety? Also, yes.


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7. Feeling like you don’t fit into certain clubs or groups.

It’s inevitable; you are going to do something awkward and embarrassing that makes everyone in the group look at you with a weird expression, you are going to quit a club a month after joining and you are definitely going to feel a little out of place for the first few weeks.

8. …and then feeling like you do!

However, you will find your niche, and when you do, you will discover that there are plenty of people who share your same passions and ideas.

9. Accepting that you can’t control everything about your freshman year.

Some of your roommates are going to ignore their chores. You might not score that high grade on your first test. You will be late to at least one class. There will be plenty of moments when you question your major and every decision you’ve made in your life up until this point. But don’t let expectations get the best of you and when in doubt, dance it out.

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