22 Times Golden Retriever Puppies Were The Cutest

WARNING: CUTE PUPPIES AHEAD! Welcome to an article that is sure to make you smile. Over the years, I have become a lover of the amazingly adorable golden retriever puppies. These animals have always been a part of my life, but now that I am in college, it’s hard to have access to a puppy. So what better way to awe over them than to look at cute pictures?! I look up pictures of puppies more than I like to admit, but c’mon, who doesn’t love seeing these little bundles of fur? Even though all puppies are cute, this article highlights a few times where Golden Retriever puppies were just the cutest.

1. The All-American Super Pup

If you love America, and you love puppies, you’ll LOVE this puppy. What better way to show pride in your country than to have this cutie flaunt a flag?

Veterans Day!! To all our Veterans....Thank you and God Bless You!//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

2. “Open Wide!”

This little guy is almost too cute to handle. Who knows what he’s doing, and who cares. Whatever he’s doing makes him totally adorable!

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3. The Gentleman Golden

A bowtie?! On a puppy?! This is too good. “Excuse me sir, may I cuddle with you?”

All dressed up for my big day! 🐕 #Puppytrip to be featured

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4. “Look mom, I fit!”

If you’ve ever owned a young animal, you’ll know they love to see where they can and can’t fit. This little one has discovered that the sink fits him just right.


5. Baby or dog?

Some owners treat their animals like their babies, just like this one. What’s cuter in a swing, a puppy or a baby? I’ll let you decide.

6. “You’ve got mail!”

Imagine: One day you go to check your mail, and when you open up your mailbox… you find a puppy inside! Now wouldn’t that just be the best day ever?

7. Jealousy Isn’t Just for Humans

This cutie appears to want some attention. “Guys, let me in!”

8. Puppy’s First Snow Day

There’s just something so adorable about the way a dog looks after playing in the snow. It must be their sense of curiosity, then their look of sadness once they realize snow makes them cold and wet…

9. The Party Animal

Some dog owners – especially college students – like to introduce their pups to the party life. Turn up little dude! But, of course, don’t ever get your dog drunk. Bad idea, people. Bad idea.

10. Flippin’ Adorable

Look at that fur! Look at that smile! A furry, happy, playful puppy. What more could you want?

11. Wind In My Fur

Puppies love sticking their heads out of car windows. As long as they can’t jump out, this is one of the cutest things. Look how happy and free this little guy is!

12. The Discovery of Mud

What a mess! But how could you be mad at that cute face? Now time for a bath!


13. Basic White Pup

Who better to share your latte with than your fluffy little companion?!

Puppy latte, shaken not stirred. Make it a double. @starbucks

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14. Car Ride Snoozes

Some people can’t even get their pup to sleep on a seat in the car, let alone in a baby seat! Only thing that could make this cuter is adding a baby in there.

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15. The Cutest Cupholder

That Coke can just shows how little this golden really is, and OH EM GEE. Adorable!

16. Walk This Way

This pup seems to be so excited to go on a walk that he’s trying to walk himself.

17. Attention Seeker

Sometimes it’s hard to get things done when puppies are around. But are you complaining?

18. I Sit Here

Other than being ridiculously cute, puppies can also be clumsy. They’re very new to the world and are just learning what is right and wrong! I guess this one thought it was right to sit on his brother’s head.

19. Puppy’s Second Snow Day

Still curious, still adorable.


20. Happy, Happy, Happy

Look how happy this pup is! This is sure to make you smile; puppy smiles are contagious.

21. “Can We Play, Pleaseeeee?”

Puppies are full of energy and always want to play. With a face like that, how could you say no?!


22. “Can I Go In Here Too?”

Dishwashers are for dishes, not dogs!

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