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12 Times Gilmore Girls Represented Your Senior Year

12 Times Gilmore Girls Represented Your Senior Year

With the revival of Gilmore Girls, what better time than now to revisit the times Gilmore Girls represented your senior year?! Get ready to relive some of your favorite moments from Gilmore Girls.

1. When you’re hungover but can bounce back from it like you did when you were a freshman.

2. When senioritis has hit hard but you still need to get that paper done.


3. When you realize this is your last year that it’s socially acceptable to drink the amount that college kids do.


4. When you finally get dressed up for class.


5. When you feel like you should adult but you realize you have two more precious semesters before you really have to.

6. When your bank account isn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be after a night out.

7. When you’re sick of people asking what you’re going to do after graduation.


8. When someone tries to get you up early on the weekend.

9. When you’re broke but someone offers you food.

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10. When you’re over the annoying underclassman in your classes.

11. When your professor says you have a group project during your last semester.


12. When you realize you actually have to graduate.


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