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10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

The 2000’s all American series Glimore Girls taught us so many life lessons, especially when it comes to mother-daughter relationships. Lorelai and Rory have such a realistic relationship, they argue like mother and daughter and live like best friends. They are so close and it is a relationship so many girls share with their mothers, which puts a ‘girl power’ and all female central cast on our screens from 2000-2006. The pair experience so much together and in the years that they were on our screens, we got to see how their relationship developed as their small town lives did.

This is the ultimate mother-daughter series and it will always show you how much your Mum means to you. If you ever doubt your relationship or have a daughter and need to bond, watch this series together. You will always need your mum and this show just proves to you how much you really do need her and the relationship you two share.

1. You will always be there for each other

No matter what happens you will always be by one another’s side. Even if you don’t have a good relationship with your mother, you will always need each other. Lorelai and her mother Emily do not have the most solid of relationships and in the series you often find them disagreeing, so when you see them coming together and having fun, it is truly special. They show you that no matter what you will always need your mum and you will always have fun with her. No time apart or distance can jeopardise your relationship as there is no bond like a mother-daughter bond.

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

2. She always has your best interests at heart

Whether it is how you look, her pushing you in school, going to all of your sports games, or driving hundreds of miles to see you at university. No matter what and whether you are on good or bad terms, your mother will always have your best interests at heart. She may shout at you or not talk to you or even be slightly tough love with you at times. But just remember, she is doing that because she cares. Gilmore Girls teaches us that no matter what the relationship with your mum she will always do what is right for you. If you are like Lorelai and her mother, or Rory and Lorelai, there will never be anything that will stand in the way of how

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

3. All your awkward traits come from her

The saying like mother like daughter had to come from somewhere. Whether it is the fact you snort when you laugh, your quick sarcasm, your awkward winks like Lorelai, most of your personality traits come from her. After all, you are a mini her! You will always pull the same faces and you might even have the same eyes. You may not look like her but her personality will shine through you. She made you the best possible version of yourself that you could be by raising you. And surely, you would not want to be anyone else. Rory and Lorelai are very close in the show and have the same personality traits at times, it is a lovely mother-daughter relationship to see on TV. Of course, this should never outshine your own personality, but if you are slightly like her, that is a brilliant place to start! Daughter – more like mini me.

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

4. Catching up is the best

Catching up and doing your favourite activity (which in the Gilmore Girls case it is eating pizza) is one of the best things you can do with your mum. It will feel like you have never been apart and it is even better catching up while doing something you love. These are the memories that will never fade and which you will remember forever. Grab a takeaway, go out for a drink, go out for dinner, whatever you two decide to do, it will not matter just as long as you are spending time with each other. It may be gossiping about people you know or a well needed rant about a subject that has been bothering you for a while, or maybe even remembering funny stories from your past. You will cherish these memories in years to come. No distance can come between you. Where you lead, I will follow.

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

5. Through all your problems, she will be there

No matter what you go through your mum will always be by your side. Through thick and thin she is the only person who will stay by your side. Through the arguments and the times you disagree on absolutely everything. Through your teenage years where you were probably shouting at each other about every little thing. She made you and carried you for 9 months and has raised you the best she could and always provided for you. The girls highlight how a mother-daughter relationship will only get stronger as you grow up. You experience many emotional roller coasters with the Gilmore’s, but you travel through those times with them. And you will go through times with your mother, just like them. But no matter what, she will always be there.

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

6. You will always laugh together

The personal jokes you two have will be so obscure that no one else will understand what you are talking about. That is the mother-daughter bond at its finest. You will no doubt go through some really tough times with her, but with your mum her laugh will be one of the most amazing sounds and laughing with her will be a great memory. Those jokes will stay with you forever. You will be sat on your catch up and laugh until the sun comes up. Even if you just need a phone call you will always laugh with her. No matter what happens laughing with your mum will be one of the best things to happen in life. You will grow up to appreciate it. Your friendship is the most important friendship you will have in your life time. Mother and daughter or best friends?

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

7. When you are together it is like you were never apart

No matter the distance or the time apart from each other, the time you spent apart will seem like it never existed when you finally meet up. After all, your mum is your best friend and when you and your bestie spend time apart and catch up again it is like nothing happened. You have such a special bond with each other that no one else can replace. You will always need your mother and she will always need you. Much like Rory always needs Lorelai and Lorelai always needs Rory. If you have seen ‘a year in the life’ (the spin off of Gilmore Girls on Netflix) you will understand that no matter how old you get and how many days you go without seeing each other, there is no one that can replace your mother.

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10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

8. You will always make her proud

Your mum will always be the first person to congratulate you. She will stand by your side through thick and thin. You will always make her proud. You might be at university or in your dream job or even have just finished school but no matter what you do, as long as you are following your dreams or on the path way too, you will always make her proud. Your brilliant personality and your charm is more than enough to make her proud. You should be proud of her too, after all she did raise a brilliant human – you!

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

9. Memories will last forever

Those catch ups, the endless phone calls, the parties and the mornings. You will always have the most amazing memories with your mother. The Gilmore Girls showed us that those memories are something that you should always treasure. No matter what, it is important to remember that you will always have your mother. Even if you don’t physically be with her and the memories are the closest thing you have, they will never fade. Remember to thank her every no and again and if she asks what for, just say thank you.

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

10. She will always love you

No matter what happens between you, you are the wind beneath her wings. All jokes aside, you are the most amazing thing to happen in her life and she will always love you. Remember to catch up and remember to thank her. Remember to laugh together and gossip and do something incredibly fun. Sing, dance, eat the worlds largest pizza. The love you and your mother have will never die and will be the strongest love. You one day may feel this if you decide to have children yourself. The one person to stand by your side and always love you no matter what – your mother. Also, remember to watch Gilmore Girls, it is the perfect mother-daughter binge watch.

10 Times Gilmore Girls Proved Your Mum Is Your Best Friend

Comment below your favourite memory with your mother and share this to her social media so she knows how much she means to you! Mum or best friend?

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