22 Times Corgi Puppies Were Just The Cutest

    Whether it’s exam week or you’re just having a bad day, these corgi puppies are cute enough to make it all better! I mean, who doesn’t want to look at 22 pictures of adorably cute puppies?

    1. Oh my! There are so many!!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!


    2. This is me the night before Christmas.


    3. And this is me the day of Christmas.


    4. Just kidding, this is me the day of Christmas.


    5. “No, I cannot stop how adorably cute I look. Please don’t stare. Or take pictu- oh okay. Or do.”

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    6. How many dogs are in this photo? The world may never know…


    7. The ‘I didn’t do it’ look.


    8. No, there are not two of them. Yes, I wish there were.


    9. I know the corgis are unbearably cute in this one, but can we just take a moment to look at the stockings.


    10. The day corgis took over the world.


    11. It would be impressive if the corgi decorated that tree himself.


    12. This is what happens when you cross a festive season with a cute puppy.


    13. What ya lookin’ at?


    14. This corgi is really good at selfies.


    15. My new date to everything.

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    16. My name is Bond. Corgi Bond.


    17. When you love the snow enough to go outside, but not enough to go any father than the already patted down dirty snow.


    18. This could honestly be a movie cover for the worst movie ever. And I would totally go see it.


    19. What’s a tiny Santa without a tiny tree? Nothing.


    20. Just taking his morning stroll.


    21. Disney’s movie Life-Size, dog edition.


    22. Waiting for Christmas like.



    Featured photo source: stuffmakesmehappy.com
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