10 Times Chandler Bing Was The Boyfriend We All Wanted

There is so much to love about the tv show Friends, the laughs, the love and of course Chandler Bing. Mathew Perry brought life to the character that was Chandler Bing, and although he found his one true love with Monica, I think we were all hoping we would get a chance to have Chandler Bing as our boyfriend. Maybe it was his classic sweater vests or the way he could make anyone laugh, but I think we can all agree there are lots of reasons to love Chandler Bing.

1. When he wore the pink bunny suit for Monica

Monica Geller may have been the perfect wife, and trust me I’m working on a list about why I want her to be my girlfriend. She was a great cook, always looked amazing and had an amazing career, however, Chandler may have been the better spouse. Not many men would wear a pink bunny costume just because their wife bought it for them. The only thing that makes this episode sweeter is when Chandler throws the arm wrestling competition for Ross to impress the new girl, Mona. Who if you’re a true fan of the show you’ll know that Ross dumps Mona like two episodes later, what I waste of Chandler’s generosity. 

2. When He Survived Monica’s Horrible Massage

Not only does Chandler wear a pink bunny costume for Monica, but he also sits through her horrible back massages. No one ever wants to see the love of their life be hurt by their criticism, Chandler takes this to a whole new level when he sits through Monica’s horrible back massages. When she does eventually find out that she wasn’t cut out to be a masseuse, he makes her feel better by convincing her that she is the best at being the worst. Awe!


3. When he Climbed Inside The Box For Joey

Although the plot of the show is that all six characters are best of friends who all love each other equally, but we all know Joey and Chandler were the true love story of the 10 season show. This because became clear to the audience the moment Chandler spends the entire day of Thanksgiving inside of a box to prove to Joey that he really is sorry about him kissing his girlfriend. Although this story arch may not pain Chandler in the best light, you do have to admit that climbing into a box that small wouldn’t be easy. The only bitter moment of this story is when Chandler eventually gets his heartbroken by the same girl. 

4. The First Time He Told Monica He Loved Her

Fans of the show know that Ross and Rachel’s romance is the main love story of the series, but Monica and Chandler’s romantic tale is truly the best part of the entire show. Although it is messy, filled with lies and games, it will stand the test of time as one of the most touching televsion couples ever to meet the small screen. It all really started when he told her he loved her. Before that, they were just goofing around, but once he said those three little words everything changed and they became the best couple on Friends. What makes this moment so special is the fact that he told her while she was being silly and having fun because that is what love should be about.

5. Every time he looked at Monica

Chandler Bing didn’t have much luck with the ladies, which is why he and Monica falling in love was so incredibly sweet. The two were friends from the start and when they fell in love it was obvious thanks to the on-screen chemistry between Mathew Perry and Courtney Cox. Every time he looked at her, it was clear that the two characters they were playing were truly in love. If only we could all have someone to look at us that way.


6. His Style Choices in College

This might be a weird reason to wish that Chandler Bing was my boyfriend, but also this was the best scene in the entire series. I think we could all use a man who can pull off any style of hair cut, or at least think he’s pulling it off.

10 Times Chandler Bing Was The Boyfriend We All Wanted

7. His Sexy Face

Chandler Bing was the perfect fiance for Monica, in all the ways it counts, except he wasn’t able to smile or look sexy for their engagement photos, but he tried! Chandler trying to be sexy in their engagement is proof that we should all try everything once for the people we love, even if we’re really not good at it.


10 Times Chandler Bing Was The Boyfriend We All Wanted

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8. Monica’s Partner In Crime

What’s more important in a relationship than supporting each other’s crazy ideas. Chandler Bing was always there to support Monica’s antics, no matter how weird they were. We all need someone who will listen in on our friends making out to ensure that we get the best gossip.


9. Hard Worker

Being successful isn’t worth anything if you didn’t earn it. Over the span of two hundred episodes, we got to see Chandler go from a temp to a top executive, even if we didn’t fully understand what his job was, we still respected it. We also find out that Chandler isn’t just a hard worker he is also smart with his investments. I think everyone awed the moment he told Monica that he was saving money for their future home, children and cat. So freaking cute and financially smart.  

10 Times Chandler Bing Was The Boyfriend We All Wanted

10. Happy Dance

We all want a man who shows his emotions, but what better way is there to show your emotions than dancing? Chandler Bing dancing his way through the happiest moments would brighten any moment of any day. 


Chandler Bing may have been a fictional character, but he will always be real in our hearts. Which Friends Character would be your perfect mate? Comment below!

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