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10 Times Bob’s Burgers Summed Up Life At Kent State

10 Times Bob’s Burgers Summed Up Life At Kent State

The Belcher kids may go to Wagstaff School, but they completely understand life at Kent State. Tina is your wing woman when it comes to approaching the cute guy with a magnificent butt at Ray’s Place. Louise is as excited about her favorite boy band, Boyz 4 Now, as you are about your favorite artist coming to Flashfest. Gene ‘Kent’ wait for Halloween to show off his Queen Latifah costume. Keep scrolling for 10 times Bob’s Burgers summed up life at Kent State.

1. You try to find a parking spot on campus.

2. Your professor insists in doing icebreakers the first day of class.


3. You take a physical education class at the MACC but find the instructor to be a bit intense.

4. You go to the Hub and forget it’s commuter hours.

5. You marvel at the updated buildings on campus and wonder how Kent State is using your tuition.

6. You discover an “interesting” club at Black Squirrel Festival.



7. Your younger siblings visit you during Sibs and Kids Weekend.

8. You find out your favorite singer is coming to Flashfest.

9. You meet President Beverly Warren.

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10. You Kent wait for Halloween.

Aren't there so many moments that bob's burgers summed up life at Kent State?

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