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10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

Ariana Gran1. de has gone through quite the style evolution. Through the years, though, one thing has not changed for the pop diva: she kills the petite girl game. Known for some wild choices in street wear, to say she has conquered bold fashion choices would be a serious understatement. I can’t think of another human being on this planet who could pair sky high heels with baggy sweatshirts as flawlessly as the Thank U, Next singer, and I never ever want her to stop.

That said, here are 10 times Ariana Grande gave us some MAJOR outfit goals. 

1. 10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

This is one of those things you just look at and think, “How?” I seriously want to know how her stylists helped her come up with this fit, because I would never, in 10 million years, think that ripped camo utility pants could go so perfectly with black go-go boots. Honestly, I just don’t think I would come up with black go-go boots for everyday-wear in general. But Ariana Grande did, and man is it a look and a half.  


Plus, her teeny black crop top lets her killer abs do all the talking, while her hair straightened and jewelry kept to a minimum is just a reminder that she doesn’t need over-the-top accessories to bring together a sublime everyday look. Perfection.

2. 10 Times Ariana Grande Gave Us Outfit Goals

Okay, let’s be real. No one works a fanny pack like Ariana Grande. Chanel fanny packs, that is. If only we could all have the wealth of a few number one hits.

But over-the-top glam aside, this look is fantastic. Ari loves surprising us with sweatshirts when you would expect a mini dress, and with just barely any skin exposed beyond the hem, these black thigh-highs make the 5’1 singer’s legs look a mile long. And there’s nothing like a monochromatic black outfit with a pop of color, especially coming from a to-die-for fanny pack.


I’m also a fan of the fact that she chose to keep her hair and jewelry simple. This move not only avoids taking away from the aquamarine Chanel burst, but also shows off how perfectly flawless her makeup and hair are. 


10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

To me, this is the quintessential casual Ari look: a combo of ridiculously bold, over-sized pieces that somehow look totally normal for something as simple as a Starbucks run. 

Cargo pants are a risky choice on their own, but tucked into baby blue platform heels? I don’t think anyone except Ariana Grande could pull this look off without looking low key, for lack of better words, weird. The pop star, once again, defied fashion with this coffee clout-fit, topping off the over-sized, lined camel sweatshirt with her famous ponytail. And girl, I see your Chanel fanny pack buried under that stuffed animal.


4. 10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

Again with the heels! Ariana Grande is officially the empress of stiletto anything, I’ve decided.

This outfit makes me physically jealous. Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans? These light wash, vintage boyfriend jeans fit like they were made to be cuffed, and look fabulous with a simple grey crew neck. Plus, this is my favorite hair color the singer has ever done, and her classic, gravity-defying ponytail with a braid down her part makes Ariana look lazy-day chic (heels and all). 

5. 10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

Ah, the clout-fits of all clout-fits. 


This brown baggy sweatshirt with matching checkerboard thigh-highs looks flawless on her tiny frame, and that ponytail we all know and love ties the look together. Ari could wear this to the supermarket or the red carpet, and either way, no one would question it. The other good thing about this fit is that it’s fairly re-creatable, as long as you have the confidence of a diva! 

6. 10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

This is such a throwback, but I’d be doing a disservice by not talking about this fit.

We all love a queen who can layer, and Ariana nailed it with this white mini dress paired with a speckled, over-sized sweater. I think what particularly does it for me is that this look is from her pre-baggy street wear era, but you can tell from her top Ari was definitely dipping her toes in. She capped the look off with, again, simple hair and makeup, and a pristine white clutch. 


7. 10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

This is another “how?”-tfit. If you look at each piece individually, it doesn’t work. At all. But where there’s an Ariana Grande, there’s a way.

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These platform Nikes aren’t necessarily my thing, but I feel like she can do whatever she wants as long as that intimidatingly tall ponytail is on top of her head. That crop top camisole, paired with grey speckled leggings and a sweatshirt lazily tied around her waist, gives of major “I don’t give a fuck” energy, which I am 100% here for.


8. 10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

First of all, can we talk about her jawline? It’s almost as sharp as her heels.

The Dangerous Woman phase gave us lots of Playboy vibes, so I love this Bunny shirt with all my heart. Tucked into semi-acid wash jeans, this fit is simple and flawless, her shoes and ponytail serving up that signature diva energy we can’t live without. 

9. 10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

And I’m just gonna address the elephant in the room: this is like, the definition of sexy. While I love and appreciate her exploration of bold street style, when throwback Ari did formal, she owned it.


This body-hugging two piece with classic black heels is elegance and grace, and also a huge departure from what I think of when I think of Ariana Grande fashion in 2020. But I like it. A lot.

10. 10 Times Ariana Grande Was Outfit Goals

Last but not least, this is Ariana Grande the ice princess. But again, HOW? 

Ari paired the most over-sized of over-sized coats with grey leggings and black chunky sneakers for a flawlessly executed statement fit while still emulating lazy day energy. And her controversial white pony looks super cute with this icy and easy color scheme.


Which Ariana Grande look give YOU outfit goals? Let us know in the comments which fit you’re totally going to steal!