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A Timeline Of The Craziest Miley Cyrus VMAs Outfits

A Timeline Of The Craziest Miley Cyrus VMAs Outfits

Miley Cyrus VMAs outfits are some of the craziest ensembles ever! Here are all of Miley's VMA outfits throughout the years.Get ready for the MTV VMAs!

Aside from being engaged to the most gorgeous human being since Heath Ledger (Liam Hemsworth), Miley Cyrus has never failed to disappoint when it comes to her shock factor. She’s gone from Disney Channel sweetheart to “Party in the USA” Miley. Then it was edgy “Can’t Be Tamed” to gorgeous top bun Miley. Of course we’re gonna save the best for last: twerking Miley has finally turned into anti-weed hippie Miley. Aside from Lady Gaga, it’s safe to say her outfits have been some of the most jaw dropping. Regardless of Katy Perry hosting this year’s MTV VMAs, there’s no better time to commemorate Miley Cyrus VMA wardrobe; here are all of Miley’s psychotic, yet spectacular, VMA outfits.


Miley’s first ever VMA appearance on the red carpet was a pretty modest one… for her anyways. I must say, the Zac Posen studded mini-dress is still a keeper but the belt is 100% not. Ironically, her date for the evening was this year’s host, Katy Perry. Although she didn’t win Best New Artist, she definitely rocked the red carpet.

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Not much to really say about this one but absolutely not. I’m not the fashion police but this Moschino dress looks like a bland bedsheet terribly draped. I do not like bland Miley. I do however love her song “The Climb” which won “Best Song From a Movie.” Girl, you’ve gotta climb away from Moschino for good.

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Although she wasn’t in attendance during the 2010 American VMAs, she did make it to the EMA’s so we’re gonna acknowledge that outfit cause all good ones deserve recognition. I see where she’s going with this one; we’ve got a combination of sweet yet edgy. Big fan of the black nails and bangles; very Mary-Kate Olsen of you Miley!

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This is definitely where we start to see Miley step into her own. She’s got the pinned back hair with the smokey eye, rocking the Roberto Cavalli dress. Can’t say I’m a fan though.

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And here’s where it starts to get exciting. Platinum blonde short hair and an incredible Pucci floor length gown. Accessories are absolutely on point and the cut out back and sheer sleeves spice it up. Kinda reminds me of P!nk, just saying.

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For those of you who don’t remember, this was the year she twerked up against Robin Thicke. Her “We Can’t Stop” performance had everyone talking and that definitely sparked controversial Miley. Dolce and Gabbana definitely did a good job matching up to her arts and crafts loving side. The tongue out though is a bit of an overkill regardless of that having been her trade mark that year.

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Winner! Maybe that’s because everyone who knows me knows I’m low-key obsessed with leather and black. Miley rocked a bandeau and leather joggers by Alexandre Vauthier. Not to mention, she did win Video of the Year with single “Wrecking Ball.” (Sorry Liam, that one was definitely about you).

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Refresher: this is the year she hosted the VMAs and wore not one but eleven outfits. Not sure how she found the time to change into all these ensembles while hosting but I’m gonna have to say they were all ugly as fuck. No.

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Outfit 2

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Outfit 3

No thank you.

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Outfit 4

Thank you but no.

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Outfit 5

Do what exactly?!
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Outfit 6

Absolutely not.

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Outfit 7

Dig the message behind it, hate the outfit. And what are those shoes?!

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Outfit 8

Exactly how I feel looking at this dress… bathing suit… cotton ball thing.

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Outfit 9

This seriously reminds me of that Nickelodeon show “Ahh Real Monsters!!!” You know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Outfit 10

Almost done. Side note: this one might just be the best yet.

Final Outfit

What even is this?

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After going out with an absolute bang (pun somewhat intended), Miley was a no-show for the 2016 MTV VMAs. We all know now that she had just started her transition from crazy “do it for the shock factor” 2015 VMAs Miley, to the “Family friendly because she’s on ‘The Voice'” 2016 Miley. Her outfits were definitely less scandalous, and she started rocking longer blonde hair and toned down outfits. I mean, she did get back with Liam that year.


Quite curious to see if Miley makes an appearance this year after skipping 2016. She has been nominated for Best Pop Video for single “Malibu” and I am absolutely vibing hippie Miley Cyrus’ image lately; she looked killer at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards! Might just be obsessed with you again.

Let us know your thoughts on Miley Cyrus VMAs outfits below!
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