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Timeless Garments You Must Have In Your Closet

In this an era of revolutionary design, fast-paced trend turnover, and endless fashion options we forget to appreciate the timeless garments that remain static in our wardrobe over multiple years. Each fashion season we are introduced to innovative garments that follow the trends designated to that particular season. These pieces are often flamboyant and tend to lose their practicality once new collections have been designed, making the past seasons transparent. As players in the consistently shifting game of the fashion world, we can count on a select few pieces that remain consistent throughout the change. These select few garments include staple pieces every girl should and must have in their closet, because their purpose is to serve as the basic building blocks for any outfit, no matter the trend!

1. A Good Ass Pair Of Jeans

A pair of jeans that both fit you impeccably and make your ass pop can sometimes be a tricky find. But once you do find that special pair, hold on to them for dear life. Because when you do find this perfect pair of denim jeans, you’ll be able to break them out for any and every occasion, never having to worry about what to wear. A good ass pair of jeans will serve you well throughout evolving fashion trends, as they can be dressed up or down. Denim jeans are one of the most practical garments to have in your closet for a long time!

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2. Plain White Tee

There is not another garment out there that’s more versatile than a plain white tee. The garments neutral color and basic fit turn this shirt into a blank canvas to be painted with the other pieces of the outfit. A perfect primer for any personalized outfit, the plain white tee will remain a timeless garment for years to come!

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3. Black Trousers

Dress them up, dress them down, or dress them any way you want! A pair of sleek black trousers can go a long way, due to their magical ability to transform from daywear to evening wear. Dress them up in the morning for work with a simple cotton crewneck and oxford slides, and slip into a pair of sexy heels and a silky tank or crop top for a sultry evening look. The versatility of black trousers is what makes them such a classically desirable garment for any woman to own. Because of this consistent desire, black trousers remain popular throughout switching fashion trends!

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4. Slightly Oversized Denim Jacket

If you’re not the owner of a slightly distressed, slightly oversized denim jacket, then you’re missing out. This type of garment can be categorized under the timeless category of clothing because it easily adheres to many different fashion styles. This piece can be paired with more casual streetwear or thrown over an elegant dress for an outfit full of juxtaposition and groove!

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5. Brown or Black Leather Belt

This staple accessory should live in every woman’s closet. A neutral brown or slick black belt can often be one of the most used accessories in a woman’s wardrobe collection. The practicality and refined style of simple leather belts make this a consistently popular accessory in every season of fashion. The belt is truly everlasting!

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If you don’t already have these in your wardrobe collection, make an effort to acquire most of these pieces. Share with us some of the personal clothes that have served timeless garments for you in the comments down below!

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