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15 Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets Every Lazy Person Needs

15 Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets Every Lazy Person Needs


If your one of those people who hates the hassle of cooking, baking, or always screws up and makes a mess, try not to worry, because there are tons of great kitchen gadgets for lazy people out there! If you’re ever browsing through Amazon, you are bound to come across some interesting items you’ve never heard of. There are plenty of hacks to prepping your food with minimal effort for any lazy person out there. Here are a few time saving kitchen gadgets for lazy people that you never realized you needed- until now!

1. An Apple Slicer

Become a fruit ninja with one swift chop. Core and slice with little effort and you have perfectly sliced apples!


2. An Electric Pepper Grinder

Press a single button and you have freshly ground pepper.

3. An Easy Way To Cut Your Kiwis

The mystery of how to easily cut a kiwi has been solved. Simply cut a kiwi in half, insert the kiwi cutter, and twist.



4. A Handheld Tomato Slicer (Or Any Other Round Fruit Or Vegetable)

Tomatoes are notoriously hard to slice, so give this gadget a try and avoid the mess. You can also place any other round fruit or vegetable you can think of in here and slice it up as well!


5. An Attachable Strainer For Easy Pasta Cooking

Skip the transferring process and simply clip on the strainer to your pot or pan. Now there’s no need for a separate strainer!


6. A Veggie Chop Wizard

Chop and dice your veggies into perfectly even pieces without lifting a knife.

7. A Cake Ring Cutter To Make Perfect Cakes

For any aspiring baker, leveling a cake by hand always seems to end badly. This guide will definitely up your cake decorating game.


8. The Cutest Egg Separator You’ll Ever See

Use this little piggy to separate your yolks and egg whites super fast! There is also a fish version!


9. A Batter Dispenser That Won’t Make A Mess

Make your pancakes or cupcakes without the mess that comes with batter! You’ll finally have those super symmetrical pancakes you’ve always dreamed of!

10. An Easy To Use Watermelon Slicer

This gadget scoops out your watermelon and slices it too! It’s a new and different way of slicing and serving your watermelon by avoiding the rind. Talk about convenience!



11.  A Fruit And Veggie Peeler That Does All The Work

If you don’t have the best knife skills, use this to quickly peel apples, potatoes, or whatever you’d like simply by twisting a crank.

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12. A 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

You can get rid of your fear of taking the avocado pit out with this handy tool. You can use it to cut your avocados in half, safely remove the pit, and scoop the avocado out into slices.


13. A Strawberry Huller

The strawberry huller easily removes the stem and core so you can enjoy the entire strawberry!


14. A Garlic Press And Peeler

Get this garlic press so you can avoid having garlic smelling hands for days. It will peel the clove and then mince it up for you! It’s also great for mincing ginger.

15. A Rapid Egg Cooker For When You Need A Quick Breakfast

If you can never get hard boiled eggs right, this egg cooker is the answer to your problems. Poke a hole in each egg with the tool given, add the amount of water listed, and turn the timer to the level you want your egg to be boiled. Perfect eggs every time!


Do you have any other suggestions for kitchen gadgets for lazy people? Share in the comments below!

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