5 Time Management Tips For Students

For all students, college is the time to explore new academic interests or expand the ones you have, participate in all kinds of student organizations, and make long-lasting friendships. Yet, accomplishing and balancing all tasks can be hard. There’s studying, sports, part-time jobs, all kinds of clubs, and keeping up with family and friend reunions. Every student attempts to manage his or her time effectively in order to accomplish as much as possible, so here are some useful time management tips for students to help.

1. Have a calendar:

Even though most people use daily agendas, monthly or even weekly calendars work best because you can physically see future dates. This will help you realize all your tasks and schedule the best time to accomplish them. On the other hand, others use digital application in smart devices to sync all tasks and events in a single place.

2. Set some reminders:

If you have to write an essay or do something as simple as talking to a professor during office hours, set reminders on your phone. Then, you have everything you need literally in your pocket, which makes organization much easier. Even better, you can set alarms for specific reminders, so you never miss another deadline.

3. Prioritize:

You can’t do all your tasks at the same time, sometimes not even during the same day, so always be sure to focus on tasks that have deadlines coming soon. It is better to write the essay that’s due tomorrow than watch episodes of your favorite show or a project that’s due the next month. One of the best time management tips for students that works is separating your tasks into different groups to classify them. For example, divide your tasks in 3 groups: urgent, low importance, and can wait.

4. Plan ahead:

Don’t leave everything for last minute! By doing this, all your responsibilities will eventually accumulate. At this point, nothing will get done successfully. To make it easier, divide complex tasks into small pieces that can be completed throughout time. This prevents them from becoming overwhelming. Instead of doing a whole practice test in one day, do 25 questions each day and review them.

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5. Avoid distractions:

Don’t take this advice as stop having fun. Breaks are allowed! Just don’t take an hour-long break after 15 minutes of studying. Also, avoid multitasking; instead, finish a complete task to then move to the next. In focusing on just one task you will find it to be way more efficient. It will take you more time to finish your math homework if you are also listening to music or watching a movie.

Do you agree with these time management tips for students? Let us know in the comment section below!

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