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Time Management Rules Every Student Must Live By

Time Management Rules Every Student Must Live By

School can be hectic, especially when you are managing extracurricular activities on the side. For this reason, we came up with a few time management rules for every student – whether you are in high school or post-secondary. These tips might even help you in your official career.

Early Birds vs. Night-Owls

This time management rule might seem a little weird so let me explain. As you have probably already seen with fellow students, some of them can pull all-nighters. These same students probably don’t even start their homework until it gets late. That’s great for them! Power to you, I say. But what about those of you who can’t do all-nighters. Yes, those people exist. I should know, I am one. During my education I could never pull an all-nighter, no matter how hard I tried. That’s when I realized there was two types of students: Early birds and night owls. Early birds are the students who can wake up extremely early in the morning and start work. However, they probably need to get to bed before 1o o’clock at night. To ensure good time management, you need to acknowledge which student you are. By doing so, you will understand which time in the day/ night you work best.

Time Management Rules Every Student Must Live By

Organizational Tool

Depending on if you are a material person or digital person, a good time management rule is to have some sort of organizational tool. To be specific, you should be using either a physical planner or google calendar. Why? Because even the best minds forget something. With a planner, you can lay out everything from due dates, exams and work schedules in one place. Some students prefer physical planners because it has been known that writing down facts makes it easier for the individual to remember. A digital planner is good for students who need to move around a lot, do not have room to carry a planner or may just prefer the digital experience. Either way, a planner is an excellent way to layout your thoughts to plan and organize.

Time Management Rules Every Student Must Live By

The Night Before

We all say we are going to wake up early to pack our bags or prepare our lunches which evidently ends up being an utter fail. A good time management rule is to prepare your bag and lunch the night before. Always expect the unexpected. You never know if there is an accident on the road that slows down your commute, or you have to take a detour to get to school. Always prepare in advance so if you need to leave your house early then you won’t be rushing around last minute. At the same time, by packing your bag the night before you can sleep those extra 10 minutes without rushing last minute to prepare anything. Also, you won’t have to worry about leaving anything at home.

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Weather Breaker

If you live in a bipolar climate like Toronto, Canada then you can understand why a great time management rule is to check the weather. Especially if you have to wear a uniform to school, it is good to check the weather the day before to organize your outfits, or see if you need to pull out an umbrella from the closet. If you are a university student who commutes far to school, checking the weather might also inspire you to check the train schedules or bus schedules for the next day as well. You never know when the trains are delayed due to inclement weather.

Time Management Rules Every Student Must Live By

Time management is essential to surviving school life. What time management rules do you live by? Comment down below to let us know!

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