10 Time Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

Hailey Bieber has got some serious game when it comes to fashion. And after walking the runway at shows for Moschino, Calvin Klein, and other big name designers, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the supermodel. That said, no look would be complete without her signature gold hoop earrings.

From cool and comfy track wear to sexy and chic suits, Hailey has served some killer off duty looks, giving us a glimpse of hoop earring power at every turn. Her wardrobe may not necessarily be, well…cost effective, she certainly uses her price tag powers for good, delivering effortless, bold fashion that gives us major envy. Here are her 10 best gold hoop moments.

1. 10 Times Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

Spotted in a brown cashmere two piece, Hailey Bieber definitely served looks with this sleek fit paired with an oversized blazer. She capped off the suit with her famous hoops and a teeny chocolate bag by By Far, along with a pop of red lipstick. If we looked like this while running errands, we’d run them all the time. 


The it girl is particularly good at working with two pieces and different textures, and throwing a blazer over this get up instantly dresses it up. Well done, Mrs. Bieber.

2. 10 Time Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

On a more casual note, the newlywed of heart throb Justin Bieber paired her big hoops with ivory stilettos and beachy waves while out and about in LA. But Hailey brought the fit down a notch by pairing her accessories with a casual white tee and matching, slightly cuffed jeans. She completed the look with an oversized teddy bear jacket, looking super comfy AND stylish.

Again, this look just proves her abilities to combine styles, mixing and matching almost any articles of clothing flawlessly.


3.10 Time Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

It should be a law to wear a low, middle-parted bun with gold hoops, so take a page out of Hailey Bieber’s book and do the same. ASAP. This girly and easy fit is a step away from her edgier street wear:  a simple cashmere cardigan matched with high-waisted, acid wash jeans. The belt and low heels tie this look together, along with her simple cross necklace.

Take note – unlike a lot of her other outfits, this OOTD is super easy to recreate! 

4. 10 Time Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

This might be the sleekest fit Hailey Bieber has ever blessed us with. As we’ve seen already, Hailey has mastered the oversized blazer and slicked back bun look. But between the tight leather pants and matching handbag, she seriously looks like the coolest person alive. What makes this look even more spectacular is that none of her accessories compete with one another – which means her hoops are, once again, giving us major envy. But so is that watch. And those ’90s-inspired sunglasses.


5. 10 Time Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

This outfit makes me want to seriously cry because of how much I love it. In addition to these big, bold shades, the supermodel hit us with a curveball, replacing her classic big, chunky gold hoops with these two-piece hoops!

Moving on to her fit itself, though: big leather jackets are a look and a half on their own, but when paired with a sweatshirt, they’re taken from high fashion and unattainable to easy, sexy, and effortless. And again with that middle part! Hailey Bieber really knows what she’s doing.

6. 10 Time Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

One thing I’m noticing about her off-duty fashion is that Hailey Bieber always looks like she could be going to a business meeting, yet she could also be going to a grocery store. And that is a fashion accomplishment, in my opinion.


This peach suit is sexy and sweet with matching Adidas trainers and an easy crop top, but her big hoops are the real winner here. Plus, her matching rings bring everything together and add yet another pop of glamour to an already flawless ensemble. Amazing.

Tip: wearing a graphic tee or crop top under a monochromatic suit instantly takes a larger than life look back down to earth, making it the perfect go-to for a casual day out with friends.

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7.10 Time Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

Beige is all the rage, and overcoats are simply powerful. In this outfit, Hailey Bieber is ready to take over the world – and I will let her. This monochromatic variation with a matching crewneck and pants is perfection, and she matched it with the chunkiest of chunky gold hoops. Major. Earring. Envy.

And Hailey, once again, hit us with those edgy shades, along with grey trainers and a slicked back bun. 

8. 10 Times Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

The takeaway from this look is that no gold hoops can be too big. These are definitely the statement piece of this look, which says a lot considering there’s an orange puffer jacket on the table. But she looks super cool in bike shorts and a black turtleneck, flaunting her ability to look effortless – even when mixing styles that are risky on their own!


Tip: blending athleisure with sexy makes for a multipurpose fit for the ages! That’s because normally competing pieces instead work together, and you can wear an outfit like this on so many different occasions.

9. 10 Times Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envys

You certainly wouldn’t miss this bold look walking down the street, but who better to kill it in highlighter monochrome than the streetwear queen herself? I feel like anyone else would look like a highlighter in this baggy athleisure ensemble, but Hailey has maintained that pristine level of polish by accessorizing this neon on neon look with chunky jewelry. The supermodel seamlessly elevated this fit to a new level of comfy and sporty and looks super cute. 

10. 10 Times Hailey Bieber Gave Us Gold Hoop Envy

Last but not least, this is a classic streetwear look for the off-duty model. Although the chunky gold hoops are a Hailey Bieber staple, so too are chunky trainers. This effortless combo of sporty and chic can be worn to so many different events, or also for a long day of running errands. And nothing is sexier or more classic than a black, monochromatic outfit with a camel overcoat, along with sweats paired with a nice coat. Slow clap.


Did any of these 10 outfits give you major gold hoop envy? Let us know in the comments which look is your fave! 

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.at/pin/985231152063312/