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TikTok Trends You Should Try

TikTok Trends You Should Try

Tik Tok Trends You Should Try

If you or someone you know have fallen victim to TikTok, then you know the tips and tricks that are on the app. The creativity on there is limitless so as a user you find new things to try in your life. This could be a product, a new hack, etc. It’s crazy how much an app can teach you when initially it’s thought of as an app people make dancing videos on. If you can make it long enough on the app to get past the cringe, then you’ll find yourself on a different TikTok. If you know, you know. And your mind will be expanded by what you can learn and see. TikTok truly is another universe.

1. Whipped Coffee

Starting out with a classic quarantine TikTok trend. This hack has been out for a while now, so if you haven’t tried it yet, what have you been doing? This is truthfully a way to make coffee in a different way. Probably for someone who doesn’t like coffee normally would enjoy this. It takes minimal effort and not a lot of time you just need to have the right ingredients. This could be a fun thing to try when you’re bored on a Sunday morning and are craving coffee. Some people have even started to do it with powdered chocolate and strawberry mix. This is a fun alternative to include kids or people who don’t like coffee at all.

2. Teeth Whitening

This doesn’t seem like a hack because you could easily go to the store and get whitening strips or get that charcoal toothpaste. However, this is a new way to do it. You use turmeric and coconut oil. You take both ingredients and add them to the bowl mix them together until you now have a dark mustard yellow paste, get your toothbrush and brush your teeth, and then leave it on for 30 seconds. In the videos, there are some instant results, but if you use this consistently it will have more long-term results.


3. Beard Dye for Eyebrows

Everyone loves a nice filled-in brow with little time and effort. Now, if you can’t get into the salon and get your brows tinted or simply don’t want to pay that much money. Then, buy a box of beard dye and do it at home. It is pretty self-explanatory on what to do, you just put the beard dye how you normally fill your brows in. Results last for a week or more making your brows look effortless from the moment you wake up. There are multiple tutorials you could find on TikTok which makes the hack so easy to do. It’s an inexpensive way to tint your brows and you will be able to do it more regularly.

4. Candle Bending

TikTok always has the hacks that can help you fill the time up. Or, give you new creative outlets. It’s always something so unexpected but the end results will make you so so proud. This is something you could do on your own, with your friends, or even with the kids you babysit. You take candlesticks, soak them in warm water for a while, and gradually begin to bend them while they are still submerged. That is the hack people! You have to do it while it’s still underwater so the candle wax remains warm and pliable. As soon as you take it out of the water it begins to harden and your candle will most likely snap. What is nice about TikTok introducing us to this hack is that if you look these candles up online, they range from $15-$40. However, you can get a pack of 24 candlesticks for $16 and do it at home yourself. Seems like a win to me.

5. Garbage Disposal Cleaning

TikTok really came in clutch with this one because you have ever had garbage disposal you know the last thing that you want to do is stick your hand down there and clean it. So, what users have begun to do is fill your disposal with ice run it for a little bit with no water, then turn on the hot water and let it run. Your sink will begin to fill with dirty water and it will eventually all get sucked back down leaving your disposal clean. Garbage disposals can be an afterthought to clean, but the build-up in there can be sickening. This is a low effort low time way to clean your disposal, so why not give it a try?

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6. Draining Oil

If you are cooking anything that requires you to drain oil from your pan then this hack is for you. A TikTok user shared this easy way to dispose of the oil that would normally sit in your pan until it hardens or try to wiggle its way down your drain. So, the hack here is simple. You take aluminum foil and press it gently where the drain is on your sink, you set your strainer above it and pour your food into it allowing the oil/grease to gather in the tin foil under it. Once it has cooled you can carefully fold the edges in and pick up the aluminum foil and dispose of it. This helps create less and does not have you worry about what to do with the grease/oil.

7. Peeling a Mango

A good TikTok hack to peeling a mango is by simply cutting it in half and then firmly pressing it against a drinking glass and pulling it down. This will help you peel the fruit out of the mango so all you’re left within the glass is a big chunk of mango. This will help create less of a sticky mess and you will get to enjoy it in a quicker amount of time.


What TikTok hacks have you tried that have worked well for you? Let us know below!