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TikTok Inspired Amazon Purchases That Are Actually Worth It

TikTok Inspired Amazon Purchases That Are Actually Worth It

I think during the initial quarantine period we all upped our online shopping quite a bit. And while scrolling on TikTok Amazon purchases and hauls of what they were buying gained popularity. Here’s a guide of which of those TikTok Amazon inspired purchases are actually worth spending the money on. 

Workout crop tops

I put off buying these for a while, but one day I found them in a 2-pack for the price of what one normally is, so I figured I would give them a try. I am obsessed with these tops. They are so cute and versatile, and with a built-in bra, they offer maximum comfort. What I really like about these if I can wear them under a flannel or cardigan, with leggings to work out, or with a long skirt to dress it up. There really are so many options. With a bundle of different colors, you can pick up some basics to ensure you have one for every outfit, or some fun colors to liven up anything you’re wearing. This TikTok Amazon purchase is sure to satisfy.

*TikTok Inspired Amazon Purchases That Are Actually Worth It


Blue light glasses

These are perfect for all that screen time we are all having due to online classes and working from home. I had bought myself a pair a few years ago, but didn’t consistently wear them. When I had to make the switch at the beginning of this year to entirely online schooling, I knew I had to get myself a pair that I would actually wear all the time, to prevent the awful headaches I get from too much screen time. I found a super cute 2-pack, one in tortoise and one in clear (because I feel like clear glasses are totally all the rage right now?) so that they would go with every outfit, but also so I could keep one pair on my desk and one pair in my backpack.

Large car cup holder

Anyone with a Hydroflask will definitely feel my pain on this one: Hydroflasks do not fit in most car cup holders! It’s super annoying because I bring my Hydroflask with my everywhere, and when I get in my car I made the habit of just throwing it on the passenger seat. But that presents a few issues. It rolls around, eventually falling off the seat and then you can’t reach it. It also gets in the way if you have passengers. You also can’t just set it on the cup holders in the middle, because it isn’t sturdy and gets in the way. This addition makes a larger cup holder, the perfect size for your beloved Hydroflask, and allows you to take it mobile with you. Now you t00 can vlog about this TikTok Amazon purchase.

Car hook hangers

Similar to the car cup holder, this gadget goes on the back of your front car seats, so that there are little hooks on the back for your bags. These can be grocery bags, your purse, anything that needs to be standing up right! This is great because it stops you from just throwing all your bags into a pile in your back seats, and risking them moving around and things falling out. Now, they’re conveniently hanging up, and your back seats are cleared to fit more people in the back! In 2020, we’re all having cleaner cars and less mess!


*TikTok Inspired Amazon Purchases That Are Actually Worth It

So. Many. Leggings.

Sorry Lulu Lemon, but Amazon really has all the dupes a girl could ever need. Some TikToker’s have even created their accounts to be entirely centered around workout leggings that are much cheaper and sometimes even cuter than the expensive high end brands. Ranging in lengths, rises and colors, there are so many options. Be sure to read the reviews, as most people will report back if they feel really strongly one way or another, and look at the photos to see how they might fit on your body shape. Ditch the expensive brands, and treat yourself to some worth-it dupes.

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Car sauce holder

Okay, back to your car. You know when you pick up some Chik-fil-A nuggets and you’re driving around and you just do not have a convenient place to put your little sauce container? This little device fixes that worry, and allows you to store it in a little holder that sticks into one of your vents. It’s easily accessible to you as you’re driving, and it’s much safer than having to hold it while you drive. It also keeps it much more secure than, say, setting it on the center console, and it won’t slide all around as you drive.

Phone UV sanitizer 

Reading the room on this one, but we may think our hands are dirty, but what about our phones? Think about it, we carelessly put it down on so many surfaces throughout the day, and touch it before and after washing our hands. Your phone is guaranteed to pick up so many germs throughout the day, and think about how gross that is when you put it up to your face to talk, or when you get into bed with it at night. This UV sanitizer uses uses UV rays to sanitize your phone! Do it a couple times a day, or whenever you get home from being out and about, and it will kill any lingering germs on your phone that can easily spread elsewhere. 

*TikTok Inspired Amazon Purchases That Are Actually Worth It


Bug Bite Thing

This is perfect for summer nights that are often interrupted by pesky little mosquitos that, with just a few bites, can ruin your night. This product, literally called The Bug Bite Thing, sucks out the part of your bug bite that makes you itch it. By taking it out, you are less likely to have to itch it, and it won’t bother you nearly as much. No more scratching it so much you bleed! Now you can easily take it out, and take this product with you on the go. 

What TikTok Amazon inspired products did we miss? Have you seen any that you think are actually worth that Prime subscription you can’t bring yourself to cancel? Let us know what you’re ordering, and maybe we’ll even see your TikTok Amazon haul! 

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