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Top 10 Tik Tok Recipes that Actually Work

Many people around the world have tried Tik Tok Recipes. Some have been big hits but others not so much. Below I listed my top ten Tik Tok Recipes that will guarantee success!

1. Baked Feta Pasta

This recipe is actually very easy to make. All you have to do is boil some pasta, add the pasta to a pan, add tomatoes to the pan, and add a full block of feta in the middle of the pan. You then bake the whole thing. And once everything is nicely baked, you can mix everything together. The feta will melt and crumble. Transforming to an actual tasty sauce. A super cheesy and tangy one. 

This makes an absolutely fabulous dish. It even outwins other pasts recipes I have tried before. You should totally check this out!

2. Squid Game Dalgona Candy

Dalgona Candy is a Korean specialty. It has been featured on the Netflix hit series “Squid Game.” Ever since this candy has been introduced on the show, Tik Tok has popularized it! 

The candy itself is made of just baking soda and sugar. Two ingredients that will surprisingly make a hard candy-like texture. All you have to do is mix the sugar and baking soda together on a stovetop. You will have to wait until the mixture gets golden. And then, you can pour the mixture into a mold to make your favorite shapes. Sounds simple but I heard that practice is necessary when making this. Things can go wrong very easily!

3. Lizzo’s Vegan Ice Cream Bread

Queen of Beauty and Confidence, Lizzo, has given us a veganized treat! Ice cream bread has been a craze for a while. But recently, Lizzo decided to put her own twist on it. And her version has taken the Ice Cream Bread Throne.

To make this, all you have to do is mix flour, baking powder, and salt. Then you can add your softened ice cream of choice. If you do not have vegan ice cream, it is okay! Add dairy to it! No one is watching you! You can bake once everything is well incorporated. 

The result will be a delicious-looking loaf. It will taste nice and sweet. It will also taste like the ice cream flavor you decided to add to! Many people have eaten it by itself or added toppings like Nutella. You can do as you please with the recipe!

4. One Pan Egg Sandwich

This recipe is very simple but will definitely make things better. Have you ever made a breakfast sandwich and found it too complicating? A lot is going on when you cook eggs, toast ham, and prepare other toppings separately. This recipe/solution will make things a lot easier. 

This recipe will have you cook everything in one pan. You first cook the eggs, add the toppings, and then slide the bread under the omelet. You can form a sandwich and simply flip the sandwich. Think of this as if you are making a grilled cheese. Make sure both sides are nice and toasty!

5. Baked Pancakes

Tired of flipping pancakes? If so, baked pancakes are the solution!

The recipe is very simple. Mix flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder, and milk. Add the mix to a baking pan at around 350 degrees. You then take out the tray, slice the big pancake into squares, and serve. If you do not want square pancakes, you can take a cup and cut out circles. That way, you get an authentic pancake without the stovetop chaos.

6. Dalgona Coffee

This recipe came to save the internet in the middle of the pandemic. I will never forget trying this coffee hack during the lockdown. It was all people talking about when the world shut down. So I will like to thank this recipe in particular for giving our hopes up.

The recipe is super simple. Combine instant coffee powder with sugar and water. The hard part, however, is whisking it. You gotta whisk and whisk until the mixture gets fluffy. It takes a while for the mixture to get at this point. So prepare for an arm workout. Or you can simply cheat by using a hand mixer. 

7. Oreo Mug Cake

Mug cakes have been super popular nowadays. They are simple to make and will look gorgeous with your favorite mug. This oreo mug cake is no exception. In fact, it is the simplest mug cake recipe I have ever seen. 

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All you have to do is mix Oreos and milk together, add them to your favorite mug, and microwave it for a few minutes. The result is a luscious cake that will satisfy your late-night cravings. You would not believe that it is just Oreos and Milk Microwaved together. That might sound gross but it is delicious!

8. Mac and Cheese in a Mug

Mac and Cheese usually takes some time to make. Depending on what type you are making, of course. This specific Tik Tok recipe will make it as easy as possible. All you have to do is boil the pasta in a microwave with water. Then you can add milk, your favorite cheese, and butter. Once you heat all of that together, a creamy and delicious dish awaits. 

9. Baked Oats

This delicious recipe will take oats to the extreme! In here, you ground some oats, add milk, sugar, and baking powder, banana, and maple syrup. You incorporate all of that to make a batter. The batter then gets baked, and a delicious oat loaf will come out. 

You can add different toppings to the batter to add some pizzaz. This will give it that signature cake look. Except it’s a lot healthier. You definitely won’t feel like you ate junk food!

10. Pancake Cereal

I am sure everyone has heard about pancake cereal. I have seen this Tik Tok recipe everywhere. I even had many friends test it out. And the results are a little mixed. It all depends on what your preferences are in life.

This recipe calls for mini pancakes made like normal ones. But mini. You add them to your cereal bowl and pour milk on it. I personally think it is delicious. The milk softens the mini cakes to make a nice porridge. Just make sure it does not sit around for too long, or it will get mushy. 

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