8 Tik Tok Makeup Trends To Try

TikTok has given us quite a lot to think about over the past few months… how to dance, what drink to get at Dunkin, and how to look, be, feel like Draco Malfoy. Oh, you’re not on Draco TikTok? Nevermind.

Anyway, the app has also allowed many to run wild with their creativity. Fashion TikTokers have shown us countless ways to mix up our daily fits, try out new styles and mix and match things we’ve never before imagined. And makeup TikTok is following suit! Hundreds of makeup artists- both professional and amateur- have made their name by posting TikTok Makeup Trends cool enough to go viral. 

Regardless of whether you’re a makeup guru or special-occasions-only makeup wearer, these makeup TikTok trends will be sure to blow your mind.

From faux freckles to eyeshadow out of this world, here are 8 TikTok makeup trends you’ve got to try… or at least watch some TikToks about!


1. Faux Freckles

Fake freckles have been an increasingly popular trend for a while now. But no one does fake freckles like TikTok does. For one, the hashtag, #fakefreckles has over 80 million views on the app. Not only this, but hundreds of creators have tried it for themselves. Henna is one popular technique to plop on some fake freckles, like shown in this video, here! And spray retouch is another tried method, like in this video, here.  Both of these seem to work (surprisingly!!!) well! The freckles makeup trend actually looks super cute and natural, adding just a bit of something different to the “MUA’s” makeup looks. This is one makeup trend you just might want to try.

10 Tik Tok Makeup Trends To Try

2. Fake Dimples

This fake trend, unlike the freckles technique, is one I had not seen before the wide world of TikTok. The fake dimples are a little less popular than the freckles, reining in at only 30,000 views for the hashtag, but no less interesting. Some TikTokers are creating these faux indents by pressing in on their cheeks for a certain amount of time, sucking their cheeks in simultaneously. Others are using makeup to create the illusion. Just a touch of dark colored makeup- like eyeliner, eyeshadow, or contour- is added right where the dimple would be. Blend the color out for a subtle, dimple-like “shadow”, like @sharma29shivu shows here.

3. Total Acne Coverup

Perfecting the face makeup routine has been a huge makeup trend on the social app lately. From mixing up the order (which we will get into later) to keying in on the most specific and efficient products for flawless skin, TikTok makeup artists have got your back when it comes to a total acne coverup. This video by @mikaylanogueira introduces us to just some of the skin perfecting makeup products on the market… though she claims these are the only ones that actually work (if used in her very specific order, that is). 


4. Application Order Change Up

Changing up the order of applications throughout the face makeup routine is a trend flooding the social media site. In particular, applying powder before foundation. Countless creators have claimed that this is the way to achieve flawless looking skin. Other examples include applying contour and highlight before the foundation, too. Get one “out-of-order” tutorial here and try the makeup trend out for yourself!

10 Tik Tok Makeup Trends To Try

5. Hairline Thickener

Is your hairline shedding and receding like no body’s business due to the constant stress you’ve been under the past few months. Or is your hairline naturally pretty sparse? You are NOT alone. The hairline thickener (using makeup) trend is one that we have seen before, but the tutorials on TikTok make it all that easier to follow and understand. Just grab some dark eyeshadow (or a color that matches your roots) and fill it in. Here’s an example of how this hair-makeup trend works.

6. Drugstore Color Corrector


In many videos, including this one by SYLLY, drugstore makeup products are targeted as tips, tricks and hacks for color correcting your skin. SYLLY claims this is a “model makeup hack”, so it must work, right? According to her video, just grab an orange lipstick from the drugstore and apply it on your under-eyes. After it’s blended and your concealer or foundation is applies, it looks super bright and natural!  

10 Tik Tok Makeup Trends To Try

7. Instagram Filter

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Not only have makeup tips and tricks flooded the feed of TikTok videos, but crazy detailed and experimental costume-like makeup trends have also become really popular. Some artists like Julie Smith have hopped on the “10 seconds vs. 4 hours” makeup trend concept, where they quickly paint on a small segment of their soon-to-be look, splice it with a nice transition, and reappear with a fully done makeup design. Her video here shows a halloween-like look of a whole lot of sharp teeth and zero color in her eyes! 

But other than costume-like makeup trends, TikTok has also inspired many to get super creative in a slightly different way… Instagram Filters. We all now just how ~cute~ we look with those butterflies or hearts flying around our perfectly airbrushed skin on the Instagram and Snapchat apps, so TikTokers have taken it into their own hands. @makeupbyruthie gives one example here, but there are plenty more on the app to take a look at and replicate yourself!

10 Tik Tok Makeup Trends To Try

8. DIY Lipstick


TikTok DIYs were bascially the sanity-keepers of quarantine. Painting shoes, tie-dying shirts, pants, socks, hats, and anything else imaginable, and coultness other DIY trends allowed many of us to let go of some creative juices in a fun and cute way. The DIYs did not end here, but makeup trend DIYs also jumped on board. DIY lipstick is one super fun and functional trend that appeared on the app.

In this video, the creator shows a new way to create any lipstick color you want… especially if you want it to match your eye look! All she does is take a clear chapstick, run it over the metallic eyeshadow, and paint on like she normally would. The eyeshadow color transfers in a smooth and pigmented way to the lips as if it were a real lipstick! This makeup trend and hack is so simple yet can definitely change a makeup look in a million and one ways! Must. Try. 

10 Tik Tok Makeup Trends To Try

Have you tried any of these makeup trends found on TikTok? Are there any that we missed that you absolutely love? Let us know in the comments below!
*featured image from @dajjrambo ‘s Instagram. She’s a content creator with almost 200k followers on TikTok and almost 6M views on the platform!