12 Tight Dresses For A Night Out During Spring Break

Spring break is about feeling young, wild, and free. Make sure you are ready to hit the town in a tight dress that will turn heads for spring break. Here are some great options if you are looking for a dress that will make you feel like you own the night!

1. Backless

Backless mini tight dresses are a great option for a night out in spring break, especially if you are in a warm climate. It highlights your back and pairs great if you have gorgeous, long hair.

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2. Cutout

The cutout trend is a newer trend that we are loving. It usually shows off a little of your midsection that is both sexy and flirty. This is a great spring look that will have you feeling confident to take on the scene.

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3. Halter

A classic tight dress choice is the halter dress. This is a great spring break option because it is sure to stay on while you are grooving, and looks adorable on everyone.

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4. White lace

A cute white lace is maybe not something you would normally reach for when getting ready for a night out, but this dress is something that will make you stand out in a crowd. Pair it with some layering necklaces and you have a cute and sexy look.

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5. Long Sleeve

This tight dress look is more sophisticated and works for a more mild climate, but a great spring dress to choose. Pair it with some gorgeous heels and you have a killer outfit.

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6. Sequin

If you are ready to hit the town in a dress that is as big of part as you are, try a sequin tight dress. This look is not only glamours, but its playful and sexy.

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7. Wrap Dress

For a more relaxed outing, try a wrap dress with a bright color. You will feel ready for warm weather when you get to wrap yourself in one of these.

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8. Button Down

For a dress that is slightly more formal but still adorable, try a button down tight dress. These are great for a casual evening out but still can take on the night.

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9. Velvet

Bring a little texture to your outfit and grab a tight dress made of velvet. These seem like a 90’s throw back that we are not complaining about.

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10. Off The Shoulder

Cute and flirty, off the shoulder tight dresses will make you feel like a goddess on a spring night. Grab some necklaces that pair well and make the night your own.

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11. Sheath Dress

If you are looking to be the sexiest one in the room, grab a tight sheath dress. This look will show off all your beautiful assets.

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12. Deep V

If you are looking for a dress that will show off your girls, grab a deep v tight dress. There is nothing sexier then confidence in your own body.

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It’s time to dress for the night so make sure you have the perfect dress for a night out on spring break! What is your go to dress for spring break? Let us know in the comments below!
Leanna Hanika

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