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25 Throwback Songs To Have On Replay

25 Throwback Songs To Have On Replay

Throwback songs are always great to listen to, and are guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Here are 25 throwback songs to have on replay for the perfect dose of nostalgia.

1. Party in the USA By Miley Cyrus

This classic song by Miley Cyrus is probably something you had on repeat for most of the mid 2000’s. This is a carefree song that is perfect for a fun throwback.

2. Single Ladies By Beyonce

Anything Beyonce does is iconic, but her song single ladies will forever be a girl power anthem. This catchy song, along with the dance that you probably learned at some point is an essential 2000s throwback song.


3. Wanna Be By the Spice Girls

Another infectiously catchy song, this is a perfect 2000s throwback with the infamous girl group. This song is so fun and upbeat, its perfect if you want something to lift your mood.

4. You Belong With Me By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s career has produced some famous pop songs that you definitely sang along to way too loud at some point in your middle school career.

5. Set Fire to the Rain By Adele

Adele is another artist whose music defined the early 2000s. Set fire to the Rain is an emotional song that you can’t help but to belt out while you listen.


6. Lip Gloss By Lil Mamma

This is pretty much the quintessential early 2000s song, that you definitely heard constantly. The perfect fun throwback song, you’ll never get tired of this.

7. Accidentally in Love By Counting Cars

This is an upbeat love song that is perfect for an alternative 2000s throwback. You definitely heard this constantly on the radio, and it is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

8. Mr. Brightside By The Killers

The Killers have so many great songs that are perfect for a throwback playlist, but Mr. Brightside is definitely a standout. This is probably a song you have belted out at some point in your life, and is perfect a classic throwback song.


9. Cooler Than Me By Mike Posner

This catchy and chill song was constantly played in 2010 when it was released, and is the perfect throwback song for your playlist. If you want something a little slower than typical 2000s high tempo songs, this is the perfect one.

10. So What By Pink

So What was an anthem for teenage girls and a major pop hit that is pretty much Pink’s most iconic song. This is perfect if you want something really fun and high energy for your playlist.

11. Sk8er Boi By Avril Lavigne

You can’t have a throwback playlist without some Avril Lavigne on it. Sk8er Boi was a huge hit, and is another high energy and fun song that defined the 2000s.


12. Crazy In Love By Beyonce

This Beyonce hit is the perfect pop song about love. In classic early 2000s Beyonce fashion the song is upbeat and perfect to sing along to.

13. Beautiful Girls By Sean Kingston

Beautiful Girls is the perfect pop song, bubbly and sweet and full of optimism and fun. You definitely heard this on the radio constantly, and couldn’t help but to sing along.

14. Hot N Cold By Katy Perry

Katy Perry pretty much ruled 2000s pop, and Hot N Cold was one of her early hits that made her a standout. This witty and catchy song is great for anyone who is nostalgic for some 2000s pop.


15. Call Me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen has had a lucrative career in pop, and it started with Call Me Maybe. This song is so catchy it will definitely be stuck in your head for days after you listen to it, but its so fun you probably won’t mind.

16. Baby By Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s early career made him a major star, and Baby was the hit that was playing constantly around the world. This teen love song is perfect if you want a classic pop throwback.

17. Everybody Talks By the Neon Trees

This up beat song by the Neon Trees was a classic 2000s song that everyone sang along to. You definitely heard this on the radio for months, and loved the high tempo.

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18. OMG By Usher

This is a classic 2000s party song, that is perfect for your throwback playlist. This is the type of song where the beat is always stuck in your head.

19. Tik Tok By Ke$ha

Ke$ha was another artist who defined the 2000s and Tik Tok was a huge hit. You probably know every word to this song just because of how many times you heard it, Ke$ha fan or not.


20. Stacy’s Mom By Fountains of Wayne

Stacy’s Mom is a super catchy 2000s anthem that is simple and so easy to sing along to. This is classic 2000s, upbeat and a little cheeky.

21. Hollaback Girl By Gwen Stefani

Hollaback Girl is a great song for a throwback playlist. Super high energy and up beat, this is the perfect Gwen Stefani throwback.

22. Your Love is My Drug By  Ke$ha

Your Love is My Drug is another classic Ke$ha song that is perfect for a throwback playlist. You probably listened to this nonstop and know all the words by heart.


23. Replay By Iyaz

This song is so infectious and catchy you won’t be able to get it out of your head for days after you listen to it. It is such a classic 2000s song, it will definitely make you nostalgic.

24. Dirty Little Secret By The All American Rejects

The All American Rejects are a classic alternative pop band that was huge during the 2000s. If you liked more alternative pop music, this is the perfect song that is super catchy and great to sing along to.

25. Kiss Me Thru the Phone By Soulja Boy

This song is such a 2000s throwback, you have probably listened to it so many times. A classic 2000s pop song that is perfect to sing along to or just make you nostalgic.

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