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10 Thrift Store Shopping Secrets You Need To Know

10 Thrift Store Shopping Secrets You Need To Know

If you're wondering how to find cheap designer clothes, you've come to the right place. Here are tips and tricks for finding designer brands at discounts!

Thrifting, whether you know about it from life experience or from Macklemore, is always a blast! Although, there are certain ways to go about it to score the best finds that you should keep in mind for your next trip! Here are 10 thrift store shopping secrets you need to know to make your next adventure an amazing one!

1. Bring a friend.

Bringing a friend gives you a chance to double-team the mountain of clothes just thrown your way. You all can shop for each other and give honest feedback on the interesting pieces found.



2. Charge your phone.

A big part of thrifting is seeing pieces and brands that you have never seen before, so search it up. You get a chance to see how much the item actually cost compared to what you’re actually paying. #200for5.99


3. Layers = major key.

A simple tank top and leggings can save your time and life while thrifting. Say you see a life-changing top, but the line for dressing room is ridiculous. All you have to do is pop it over tank top then BOOM it’s been tried on!

4. Try something new!

Unlike regular chain stores, thrift stores give you a chance to try clothing from all style types. There is something for everyone in there, so why not find what you like.


5. What’s a great outfit without accessories?

Most people go to thrift stores for the clothes but clothes are only part of an outfit. ALWAYS look at bags and especially jewelry to find some exclusive pieces!


6. Research the store’s sale days.

DEALS, DEALS, and you guessed it; MORE DEALS! When you visit a thrift store you are already saving, but why not save more? Most popular chain thrift stores offer Customer Appreciation Days when you can get 25% off. Also, during holidays, you have a chance to get 50% off ALL ITEMS!


7. Be patient.

Going into the thrift store with a specific item in mind might not be the best idea especially because you might get frustrated not seeing it. Be patient and go in with an open mind ready for the adventure.


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8. Never set anything you like down.

Unlike regular stores, everything in a thrift is one-of-a-kind, therefore if you put something down it can be gone FOREVER! Don’t be the regretful creepy shopper that stalks the person that picked up the piece you put down.


9. Thrift shop hop.

Even though exploring one thrift store can be a lot, if one store doesn’t work out, go to another. Your next destination can be the one for you!


10. Have fun!

After every shopping trip, whether it be successful or not, always remember to have fun. You are literally in a sea of clothes- enjoy it!

Do you have any more good secrets, tips or tricks for thrift store shopping? Let us know in the comments!

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