The Three Stages Of Summer All Students Can Relate To

Summer… For college students, this season means we get to relax. We don’t have to get up for that 7:30 AM class or try to balance a job, classes and maybe a social life. However, as great as summer is, there’s a certain process every one of us goes through. We can all relate to these stages of summer…if you need a quick pick me up and a good laugh, keep reading for the three stages of summer we are all undoubtedly sure to relate to!


This first stage is the most optimistic you will ever be in your life. All your hopes and dreams for what you’ll do this summer can be found in the first month of summer.

You are finally de-stressing from finals and possibly catching up on sleep (because Lord knows you only got a collective seven hours during the last week of school). You throw on your bathing suit, burn all the notes you should probably be keeping for the future, and make that incredible summer bucket list.


Stage Two: Get out.

The travel stage. Even if you have a summer job, this is the time where you take a vacation from your vacation. This is when you do all the things you can’t do with 15 feet of snow on the ground. Go to the beach, travel to the beach, or maybe make a fake beach in your backyard.



Stage Three: Okay…

This is actually a very strange stage. You may try to fit in some last minute trips, but for the most part you actually can’t wait for school. You miss your friends and the routine that comes with higher education. It’s very easy to fall into a monotonous summer schedule of waking up at 2PM only to sit in bed surrounded by Cheetos wrappers and takeout containers. Summer is supposed to be fun, and in this stage you feel like you’ve wasted yours. So, your only solution? Wait for school.

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Bonus Stage:


This is pretty self explanatory. You actually throw away all the food on your bed and leave the house in one last attempt to salvage your summer.


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