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10 Thoughts You Have When Your Best Friend Has A New Boyfriend

Getting a new boyfriend means a lot of changes in your life. When your best friend is the one with a new man in her life, you go through an odd wave of emotions and thoughts. Relationships are supposed to be a good thing but you don’t know what to expect from this one. You have some fears, some anxiety, and a lot of joy for her. All best friends go through it. Here are 10 thoughts you have when your best friend has a new boyfriend.

1. So Happy for Her

Your best friend has been looking for a new guy in her life and now, she has one! You’re so happy that she’s happy and excited about her relationship.You know she feels lonely sometimes and now there’s someone to love her and cuddle with her and do all the couple-y things she’s been wanting to do. You couldn’t be happier that she’s getting what she wants.

2. Finally!

She has been talking about this guy for a while. But nothing has been happening and they were just circling each other. Everyone else can see where this relationship is headed but neither of them had been willing to admit they like each other. Now it has finally happened! They’ve talked and they worked it out. They are officially together and you’re so glad that the anticipation is over.

3. He better treat her right.

Your best friend is basically your sister. She is one of the greatest people you’ve ever met in your life and you know she deserves to have someone treat her like a queen. You don’t really know who the guy is or what he’s like but you’re watching out for your girl to make sure he knows what a gem of a girl he’s got and he treats her right

4. Is he a good man?

First thing’s first. Who is he? Where did you meet him? What kind of person is he? As the best friend, you want to know everything about him so you can be sure your bestie is getting the best. She deserves it! You might search him up on Facebook and Instagram and do some snooping around but it’s only because you want the best for her.

5. When can I meet him?

Now that they’re officially together, it’s time for him to meet the best friend. She might think he’s great but you aren’t sure yet. You want to meet him and make that decision for yourself. Besides, he should meet the person that will be watching him to make sure he doesn’t mess up. He should know that you are rooting for this relationship to work because you want your best friend to be happy but he shouldn’t consider you an ally if he intends to hurt her.

6. He looks….interesting.

She has just shown you a picture of the new love in her life and it’s awkward. You either find him super attractive, like she does, or you don’t. Is it appropriate to also be attracted to him and is it alright to tell her that you find him really hot? This is a new space that you have to navigate and you don’t know if there is a line you shouldn’t cross. But it is worse when you don’t see the appeal. If you looked at the picture and you just don’t see the same thing she sees, what do you say when she is squealing about how cute he is.

7. Will she still have time for me?

They’re going to the movies. They’re staying at home to cuddle. They are taking off for a road trip together. Her schedule has her running around everywhere with her new man. You aren’t sure when the next girls’ day is going to be because she seems fully booked for the next month and all those plans are with him.

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8. Of course, we’re still sisters.

While her new boyfriend is a great friend and lover, he can’t replace you or make up for your relationship with your best friend. Whenever she runs into a problem in her new relationship and she needs some womanly advice, you’re still the first person she will call up for help. You and your best friend are rock solid. No new man can replace her sister from another mister.

9. We should go on double dates!

After getting over the initial fear, you’re excited again. Your best friend has a man. You have a man. Now you can go on double dates together! You can’t help but think of all the fun places and things you four could do together. Besides, you and your best friend are probably secretly hoping that your boyfriends become friends too. After all, they will definitely see each other a lot in the future.

10. Dang, I’m still single.

What if you don’t have a boyfriend yet when your best friend introduces her new love? Those double date plans are not going to happen for a while. It might cause some insecurity about being the last single friend. It’s hard not to feel like a third wheel when they’re holding hands and giggling in front of you. Don’t worry though, her boyfriend might know someone special. Maybe he has a cute brother!

What thoughts do you have about the new boyfriend? Tell us in the comments.

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