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18 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Walking Up Jeff Hill

If you go to Ohio University, you know the struggle that is Jeff Hill. At first glance, it doesn’t look that bad. But once you get going, the heaving breathing slowly ensues, your calves start burning and you wonder if you’ll ever make it to the top. If you can identify with this feeling, you’ll definitely be able to identity with these 10 thoughts we’ve all had while walking up Jeff Hill.

This is a collaborative piece by: Annie Nowak and Tori Doran

1. You got this.

Just because you have let this hill beat you before doesn’t mean it will win this time. You will beat Jeff Hill this time, you will not let it destroy you.

2. Am I really this out of shape?

I mean, I know I haven’t been to Ping all year but there is no way I let myself go this much.

3. Can anyone tell how heavily I’m breathing…?

Okay, I swear the person behind me can’t hear my breathing, but what if they can? Is it that obvious that I am this out of shape?

4. Why didn’t I take the elevator?

There is an elevator in Glidden Hall that lets out right at the top of Jeff hill, everyone knows that… why didn’t I just factor in the extra 5 minutes it would take to use that elevator?


5. How important is it that I go to this class/activity?

I mean it’s not terrible for me to skip this one thing just because I don’t want to walk up this hill right?

6. *Sees someone running up Jeff * Why would you do that to yourself?

I mean I’m not one to judge, I can’t even walk halfway up Jeff Hill without getting winded but running up this mountain just seems like pure torture.

7. Is it acceptable to take a break?

I wonder if I would get any weird looks if I just stopped and sat down for a quick second?

8. Can one of these people driving up the hill give me a ride?

There are always people driving up Jeff hill, and most of the time they just look out the windows, taunting you with their effortless trip to the top. I wonder if I asked nicely, if one of them would give me a ride?

9. This concludes my workout for the week.

After the trek up this mountain I won’t need to go to the gym for another week, maybe longer. This hike really took a lot out of me.

10. I’m never doing that again.

Next time I’ll take the long way to class because that just wasn’t worth it.

11. Are these going to be my last few (extremely heavy) breaths?

Panting like a dog is unavoidable while walking up Jeff Hill. Usually you’re breathing so dang heavy you can’t even keep up a conversation. While gasping for life, we’ve all thought, “This hill will be the death of me.” And if we can muster up the strength we say, “I am literally dying right now,” to our friends.

12. Next year I am living somewhere that allows me to avoid this hill at ALL costs.

While South and East Green are awesome and beautiful places to live, it is makes walking up Jeff Hill impossible to avoid. It’s all fun and games the first couple days, and then you make your first trip up the infamous Jeff Hill.  Your thoughts on living on these Greens are changed forever.

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13. At least I’ll have buns of steel by the time I graduate!

The calves and booties of OU students will be forever solid thanks to Jeff Hill. Whenever I need more steps on my Fitbit to reach my daily goal, I can always rely on Jeff Hill. Hey, if you climb up it enough, you’ve got your workout done for the day! I guess there’s a silver lining in everything.

14. I am profusely sweating…and it’s snowing.

No matter how cold it is, walking up Jeff Hill will make you think about adopting the nudist mindset. And if you’re in a hurry, don’t make the mistake of wearing a gray shirt (gray= pit stain central).

15. I should try the other side next time, maybe it’s not as bad.

Everyone goes back and forth between walking up the stairs on the right or the sloped sidewalk on the left. You switch up which side you walk on in hopes of it miraculously becoming easier. Eventually, you realize both sides are equally awful.

16. I regret ever thinking that the hills on this campus were beautiful.

Incoming freshman are amazed by the beauty of the rolling hills of Athens. Everyone else questions why the heck anyone decided these hills would be the perfect location for a college campus.

17. Reason #342 to have a car at OU.

While you’re walking up Jeff Hill and see others struggling up the steps you think, “Alright, we all gotta do it…here we go.” And then, a car zooms past you! Now you’re thinking, “GIVE ME A RIDE I’M A NICE PERSON.”

18. At least it’ll be worth it once I make it to Court Street.

Most treks up Jeff Hill are made in efforts to reach the beloved Court Street. Jeff Hill will never be a good time, but you’ll always be rewarded at the end of your hike with the amazing Court Street being just a few steps away.


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Alexandra Smith is majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Creative Writing. In her free time, she enjoys running, hanging out with family friends, and roaming the world with her camera in hand.

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