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10 Thoughts We Had While Watching the Sucker Music Video

10 Thoughts We Had While Watching the Sucker Music Video

10 Thoughts We Had While Watching the Sucker Music Video

There are ten thoughts we had while watching the Sucker music video. The Jonas Brothers have made their epic comeback with their new song/video Sucker. I never thought that this day would come, but there was always a part of me that hoped they’d release new music. The announcement of their new song and video shocked me and the rest of the world. Last weekend my roommates and I were glued to YouTube waiting for the release and let’s say the Jonas Brothers did not disappoint. Here are the ten thoughts we had while watching the Sucker music video! Enjoy!

1. OMFG It’s Happening

My inner twelve-year-old has been waiting years for this moment. Is this real life? Are the Jonas Brothers are coming back? Yes and yes! The music starts up, and the first shot comes onto the screen. I’m already screaming if you can’t tell. This is happening. It’s no joke.

2. Damn These Men Are Aging Well

I first fell in love with these boys when they were teens. Now here I am still in love with these men who are now 26, 29, and 31. These men aged like fine wine; their facial hair, outfits, everything about them in the Sucker music video is beautiful. Stand by while I fan myself because the Jonas Brothers are looking damn fine.


3. I’m So Poor

This band rented out a whole castle for their comeback. They were also drinking fine alcohol, eating the best food, and relaxing like they didn’t have a care in the world. Whereas I’m over here eating Goldfish for dinner and drinking tap water.

4. Oh So They’re In Love Love

Okay, we all knew that these boys were pretty whipped to their girls. Well, now they made it song official. These boys are so in love with their girls, and their ladies are just as in love. This video got me all in the feels — they in LOVE.


5. Oo I Like This Vibe

The Sucker music video showed a different side of Jonas Brothers music. The Jonas Brothers have never done anything like this. Their music style and video technique have grown up as much as they have. I was digging the relaxed, in love, indie-inspired vibe Sucker gave off.

6. Kevin What Are You Doing

While watching the Sucker music video, I noticed that Kevin was doing absolute nonsense. Fencing? Is he riding a stuffed animal? Huh? Kevin, what are you doing? Granted he did have cute moments with his wife that I loved, but sometimes he did random things that I didn’t get.


7. This Is Cuteness Overload

I can’t take it. This video is too cute. While watching the Sucker music video, I could not get enough of the couples. Of course, I’ve seen paparazzi photos, Snapchats, and Instagrams of the couples before, but this was way cuter. I loved watching these couples interact with each other.

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8. So They’re Bougie Now

Do you remember the 2009 Jonas Brothers? I sure do, and back then they were far from bougie. During the Sucker music video, I realized they grew into bougie men. Everything about this music video was fancy, and I love it.


9. I Want This Kind Of Love

Can anybody find me somebody to love? In the Sucker music video, I could feel the love between the Jo Bros and their girls. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I want this kind of love. I want somebody to be a sucker for me.

10. Y’all Did Not Have To Go That Hard

The Jonas Brothers didn’t have to go that hard, but they did. They did it for us, the fans. While watching the Sucker music video, I realized that these men are not playing around. They are coming back for a long time, and we better be ready.


What did you think of the Sucker music video? Comment below!

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