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10 Thoughts Of Every Incoming College Freshman

10 Thoughts Of Every Incoming College Freshman

As an incoming college freshman, your new adventure can feel scary at first. You leave your home, friends and family and are dropped into a completely new environment. Fortunately, every former or current college student has been through this process and has felt the same thoughts and fears that can come with the big move.

What if I don’t like my roommate?

Make sure you take the time to sit down with your roommate and talk about what you expect from each other. Discuss things like what time you like to go to bed, whether or not people can spend the night, and how clean you would like the room to stay. You don’t need to be best friends with your roommate, just work on trying to respect each other’s space, wants and needs. And worst case scenario, you can request a new roommate if truly necessary.

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I’m afraid I’m going I’ll get homesick.

Truth is, you probably will. But the truth also is that you’re going to get through it. It’s just a matter of adjustment. Make time to call home once in a while to relieve some of the homesickness. Give it some time to get used to things at school, and before you know it, you won’t even think about home. You’re going to become too busy with new friends and school work that school will begin to feel like home itself.


Will there be pressure to have sex?

Sex is definitely one of those things about college that is talked about, but not as much as the movies make it seem. Dorm room sex is a thing, shower sex in the communal bathroom is a thing, and sexual experimentation is definitely a thing. But, the bottom line is that if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. It’s not this huge factor of college life. College students have far too many other things to worry about than who did who at the baseball boys’ party last weekend.



I’m really not looking forward to all the work I have to do.

The reality is that the workload will be larger, yes, but you’re in an atmosphere that supports that work load. This meaning, that everyone around you is working on just about the same amount of school work you are. Therefore, you can meet with friends at the library or coffee shops and all work on the things you have for school together so you don’t feel like you’re the only one with such a large amount of work.

// will I do in between classes?

You most likely will either have a lot of time between classes or not much at all, depending on your schedule. When you have minimal time, I would take the time for a restroom break so you don’t have to go during class and I would maybe grab a pick-me-up like coffee or a snack. When you have more time between classes— 2 to 4 hours or more— think about taking a nap or using your time wisely and going to the library and studying. Or, get a drink like this girl.

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What if my major isn’t right and I am wasting my time?

It’s considered an amazing thing when you know what you want to do for the rest of your life at the ripe age of eighteen and actually stick with it. So many people go to school thinking they know exactly what they want to do, but once they get into the nitty gritty of it, they realize it’s not for them. Some people even graduate, and still have no idea what they want to do. It’s important to remember that college is never a waste of time. As long as you do what you gotta do, there will be so many lessons you’ll learn that you’ll carry with you, no matter what your major is and what classes you’re taking.

What if I lose touch with some of my close friends from high school?

New school, new beginning and new friends. You will probably drift from some of your friends from high school but college friends are usually the friendships that last a lifetime. It’s okay to let go of the friends from the past in order to start a new beginning.

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Yes! Professors don’t take attendance, I will be able to skip class!

While some professors don’t take attendance there are still ones that do. You have to be careful with this thought though. If you’re skipping class, you are most likely missing notes or parts of the lectures that could be part of exams. Some professors test you on material from the readings along with material from lectures. If you start to get in the habit of skipping classes you could fall behind and start to fail a class as well. Try to make it to class as much as you can.

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What if I don’t make any friends?

It’s easy to worry about not making friends, but in no way shape or form is it possible for you not to. Unless you act like a hermit crab and spend every free minute you have locked in your dorm room, you will make friends. Between orientation, organization fairs, classes, sports, clubs, and bumping into someone on campus because you’re running late, you will find your people.


I’m not really into partying – will I fit in?

Just like the above answer, you will find your people. This one isn’t on the list for no reason. It’s here because you’re not the only person who worries about it. There are people who don’t like to party either. Once you get involved on campus, you’ll find so much stuff to do that doesn’t entail getting white girl wasted.

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