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20 Thoughts Everyone Has While Packing For College

Whether you’re off to a school 1000 miles from home or one half an hour away, one thing is for sure when it comes attempting to pack for college: no one has a clue what to bring or how to pack.  From t-shirts to shower flip-flops to bedding, there’s a whirl of confusion going on in your head that makes it nearly impossible to get the job done.  Luckily, we’re all in this together. These are 20 thoughts every student has while packing for college!

1. OKAY, time to buckle down and do this!

And of course 10 minutes later you’re back on your bed scrolling through top ten dogs in tutus videos.

2. Okay, for real, let’s get started.

You’ve finally forced yourself off your phone!  But now you’re starring aimlessly at your closet.

3. Oh look at that cute thing I haven’t worn since junior high!  I wonder if it still fits.

And before you know it, you’re modeling and feeling really proud when your jeans from last season still fit.

4. Alright, alright focus!  How many shirts do I bring?

Am I packing for summer and winter?  How big is my closet?  Do I have a closet?

5. I’m never going to use this, but I can’t leave it at home.

Who says I’m never going to need my old Harriet the Spy books??  What if someone starts a book club??

6. How many snacks are too many??

Let’s face it, you can never have too many snacks.  what if the dining hall runs out of food??

7. WAIT, did I actually pack that or was it just in my head?

Having to reopen your entire suitcase to discover you already packed those sports bras you’ll never use, but validate it by saying there’s a gym on campus.

8. What if all of this can’t fit in the car??

Looks like everyone’s going to have to squeeze.

9. Do I really need 20 bottles lotion?

It takes up more room, but it would be nice to have around…

10. Realizing your favorite food place doesn’t exist at your school so you’ll somehow need to pack at least 37 meals from there.

I’m sorry, are you sure there’s no TFAB at this school??

11. Aw an old yearbook!  One trip down memory lane won’t hurt.

You’re suddenly crying uncontrollably on the floor of your room because college is so soon and you still feel 14.

12. Do I even want to go to college??  Is living at home still an option?

Strippers make a decent living and can stay at home right?

13. Okay, I’m going, but can I at least bring my dog?

What I put her in a nice hat?  I’m sure no one would notice!

14. How can I validate to my family the amount I’ve packed?

I have at least 3 suitcases full of old birthday cards and postcards, that’s okay right?

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15. How does one ‘laundry’?

Seriously… I don’t know where the soap goes.  Mom??

16. Wait, what do I do with all of this at the end of the year?

You’re telling me I have to pack everything AGAIN??

17.  What if I don’t make any friends and have to play all the games I packed alone??

I’m funny, but not ‘cards against humanity alone’ kind of funny.

18.  I worked my ass off and I’m GOING TO COLLEGE!

After moaning and groaning all day, the realization that I have a future and I’m going to college is suddenly a really big freaking deal.

19. Getting to the dorm and realizing how much you actually forgot.

Tooth brush, hair brush, more bras…

20. But that’s okay because your family is already figuring out how to get those things for you.

No matter the distance, they’ve always got your back.

Can you relate to these thoughts while packing for college!? Share in the comments below!

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