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10 Thoughts Every Third Wheel Has

10 Thoughts Every Third Wheel Has

Ever been that awkward third wheel with your best friend and her boyfriend? Read this article for some relatable phrases that you were probably thinking!

We all go through the phase of being the single girl in our friend group. And even though we may not be insecure about our relationship status, third wheeling on someone else’s date night tends to stir up thoughts on it. No matter how close you are with the couple you’ve found yourself third-wheeling, you still can’t help but carry on the perpetual inner dialogue of a third wheel. Here are 10 thoughts you may find yourself having:

1. Are you sure its cool that I’m here?

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you are intruding on someone else’s plans. No matter how many times your friends assure you that they’re totally fine with you crashing their date night, you can’t help but wonder if they’re secretly irritated.

10 Thoughts Every Third Wheel Has

2. I’m so glad I’m not in a relationship

Whether the couple you’re out with is loading on the PDA or fighting the whole time, there’s nothing like judging someone else’s relationship to make you feel better about not being in one. No matter how much you love your friends there is definitely a part of you that is so glad to have complete freedom. You’re so over the days of sharing fries!

3. I wish I was in a relationship

Okay so your friends were a little disgusting for a while but now you’re over it and think they’re pretty cute. How in sync they are and the way they finish each other’s stories is giving you real relationship FOMO. 

10 Thoughts Every Third Wheel Has

4. I feel like they are babysitting me

The way they keep asking if you’re good when one of them leaves for a minute or when they keep asking you bland questions about your life because they already know everything about each other. It’s like Thanksgiving with your family. Although, it does give you the perfect opportunity to get advice from two perspectives.

5. He probably doesn’t want to hear about this

So you and your best friend have somehow stumbled onto a “girl talk” subject, which has completely isolated her boyfriend from the conversation. If he wasn’t so amused by how fast you’re talking and how few words you need to completely understand each other, you’d table the conversation for when it’s just the two of you.

10 Thoughts Every Third Wheel Has

6. How did they make this happen?

You remember when they were just starting to date – two awkward strangers with as much of a chance of finding love as you. Now they’re like an old married couple pointing out each other’s quirks and completely melting your heart by all the love they are radiating. If they can make it happen, why can’t you?

7. Are they pitying me?

You can’t help but wonder why they were so eager and open to having you tag along. They’re both so busy that they rarely get a date night out but now that they have, you’re invited too? Seems odd. Even though they probably invited you because you’re an amazing friend with a great personality you kind of wonder if they invited you because they felt bad leaving you out.

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10 Thoughts Every Third Wheel Has

8. Is this awkward or not?

So you can tell that they are starting to get a little more flirtatious in front of you and despite how comfortable they look, you can’t help but want to look away and give them a little privacy. Granted, you are out in public so everyone else is privy to what’s going on. Maybe you should just fake an emergency and head home?

9. I never want to do this again

As fun as it was getting to spend some time with your friends compared to your other plans of sitting on the couch for the third Friday night in a row, you just can’t do it again. They’re great on their own, but as a couple you can’t handle it. It’s time to call up your other single friends and hit the town with them instead of being a third wheel.

10 Thoughts Every Third Wheel Has

10. I have really great friends

Even though you spent half the night in your own head and have sworn off being a third wheel in the future, you have to admit you had a pretty good time. Not only that, but whatever their reason was for inviting you, you have some great friends who care about you.

Have you ever been that awkward third wheel? Let us know in the comments below!
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