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20 Thoughts Every Sorority Sister Has During Rush

Sorority recruitment is amazing, yet stressful…and not just for the girls rushing! It’s a (wonderfully) chaotic time for each sorority sister as well. Here are 20 thoughts that just about every sorority sister has running thought her head during rush.

1. This is so exciting! Smile, girl, smile!

2. Please don’t forget your own chant….

3. Did I ask for her name…Oh gosh I didn’t, did I?

4. Don’t talk too much…ask questions!

5. Breathe girl, breathe!!!


6. I thought that went well…did she think it went well?

Please come back tomorrow!

7. How long do I have to wear these heels?

At least it’s a great calf workout!

8. Finally a break!

…for 30 seconds…that mostly consists of scoring, breath mints and going over chants!

9. Yes! Time to talk philanthropy!

I want my girls to be just as passionate as I am in supporting these organizations.

10. This girl is definitely little material! Can I call dibs?

11. Don’t mention boys… don’t mention boys…


12. I’m so AWKWARD.

13. Wow, am I screaming at this girl? It’s so loud in here!

14. I feel like I’m speed dating.

And I have absolutely no idea how well it’s going.

15. I hope, hope, hope she comes back!!!!

Just have to wait a few more days to see…

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16. It so hot…did I forget to put on deodorant?

This takes more energy than my workouts this week.

17. Remember, confidence is key for a girl to want to go Greek!

18. It’s Preference night, and I’m not a crier…

but oh gosh my sisters are giving their speeches … here come the tears!

19. I killed that conversation for sure.

20. Ahhhh my new sisters are here!

Recruitment was a SUCCESS.

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Margaret Doherty

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