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20 Thoughts Every Freshman Has On The First Day Of Class

20 Thoughts Every Freshman Has On The First Day Of Class

The first day of class in college is always a whirlwind of confusion. It’s drastically different from high school and thoughts race through every freshman’s head, usually in a panic! If you’re feeling a bit stressed during your first lecture as a freshman, don’t worry, you aren’t alone-here’s what runs through the mind of every freshman on their first day of class.

1. Yay! First day of college!

2. Having an 8 o’clock class won’t be too bad since I got up earlier in high school.


3. What should I wear?

4. Whatever I wear has to be comfortable!

5. Should I bring my textbooks?



6. I hope I make it class on time.

7. Should I get there early?

8. Where is this building?


9. I’m so lost!

10. I finally found my building!

11. Why aren’t there names on the doors?


12. Should I sit in the front or back?

13. I’ll just sit in the middle to be neutral.


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14. My professor is a little too excited about this class!

15. We had to print out a syllabus?


16. We have to read 5 chapters?


18. Group projects still exist in college?


19. I have to check my email regularly?

20. College is way different from high school!

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