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20 Thoughts Every College Student Has During Their 8 AM Class

20 Thoughts Every College Student Has During Their 8 AM Class

Even though a million people told you not to do it, somehow you ended up with one of the dreaded 8 AM classes. And now you have some serious regrets with that early morning class. But not to worry! You are not alone. Here are 20 thoughts every college student has during their 8 AM class.

1. I should have listened to everyone who told me not to take this class.

You have now officially heard “I told you so” close to a million times.

These are such accurate thoughts every college student has during an 8 AM, so funny!

2. How is this professor even teaching right now?

You think it’s hard to listen? Imagine trying to teach a class. HARD PASS.


3. I’m ACTUALLY starving right now.

The middle of the lecture is not the best time for your stomach to be growling louder than an angry dog.

Breakfast is the most important out of all the thoughts every college student has in an 8 AM class!


4. Only 50 more minutes till I can go back to bed.

Your bed is patiently waiting for your return.


5. Why is this information even relevant?

Anything said before 10 AM should not be important information, because it will probably not be remembered.



6. How does she look so put together THIS early?

You know there are THOSE girls who just look absolutely fabulous at 8AM. How do they do it?


7. I totally should have brought my blanket.


8. If I would have just worn my pajamas, I could have slept in.

You know that at least once you will wear your PJs to class.

9. Did I forget to brush my teeth?

That terrifying moment when in the rush of the morning, brushing your teeth somehow slips your mind.



‘Nuf said.

11. …I should start a school coffee delivery system.

But that might backfire, because then I would have to deliver it.

12. Wait. What did they just say?

Focusing that early in the morning is almost impossible let alone answering a question by the professor.


13. I totally could have skipped today.

That sad moment when you realize that the class material is a complete waste of time and you could have skipped.

14. Don’t you dare call on me.

The last thing you want to do at 8 AM is get asked a question that you don’t know the answer to.

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15. I should quit school and be a professional napper.

That’s a thing, right?


16. At least my friends are in the same boat.

Sometimes you will get lucky enough and have your friends suffering with you in the same class.



17. Wow, I have terrible handwriting.

Early morning notes are not always the most legible.

18. What would happen if I just walked out right now?

This might cross someone’s mind on the daily. There’s no way she won’t notice me if I dip out right now, right?


19. What day is it?

Knowing the date in your 8 AM may be the hardest part.


You will vow never to take an early class ever again, but sometimes its inevitable.

What are some other thoughts every college student has? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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