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10 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Significant Other That Won’t Make Them Cringe

10 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Significant Other That Won’t Make Them Cringe

Buying gifts for your significant other can be really exciting and fun, but it can also be so easy to overdo it when it comes to cheesy gifts. Don’t get me wrong, a cheesy gift can be nice every now and then, but there’s only so much cheese a person can take before they start to cringe. Hard. Avoid the cringe by getting your boo one of these thoughtful gifts! These gifts are great and show that you really care without being super cheesy or extra sticky-sweet. How refreshing! 

1. Tickets

Getting your S.O. some tickets is a great gift that won’t leave them overwhelmed by corniness. Tickets are thoughtful and show your favorite person how much you care and how well you know them. There’s a lot of room to get creative when it comes to tickets!

They could be tickets to a movie, music concert, play, comedy show, amusement park – the list goes on and on! If you know your partner might love a pair of tickets to see a favorite band, place, or show, they make a great gift! 


2. A New Pair Of Shoes

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice new pair of shoes? Shoes often aren’t too cheap, and they can be a really meaningful gift (especially if they’re much needed!). If you’ve got a good sense of your S.O.’s style and know their shoe size, getting them a fresh pair of kicks is a great option!

They’re practical and can be used for a long time, so they’re sure to be appreciated. Plus, getting a new pair of shoes lets your partner know how much you care about the comfort of their feet, which is sweet, right?


3. Some Crazy Fun Socks

Of course, if you don’t want to buy you’re significant other a whole new pair of shoes. you could always get them a fun or comfortable pair of socks! Socks have become a really great way to express yourself and your sense of style recently (as much as shoes!).

Adding some stylish or cozy socks to your boo’s wardrobe that reflect their personality is a nice way to let them know you care about them. There are a lot of different options when it comes to crazy fun socks, so you’re sure to find a pair that perfectly reflects your S.O!


4. A Bunch Of Snacks

Putting together a basket of your significant other’s favorite snacks is always a really fun gift to give. It lets your partner know that you really know what they like, and it’s touching to know that you went to the trouble of putting together all of their favorite snacks!

They can enjoy this gift themselves, or maybe they’ll even share some with you! This gift idea is thoughtful without being too cheesy unless of course, your S.O. is obsessed with cheesy snacks. Then it may be a little cheesy, but still not cringe-worthy! 


5. A Book

Getting your S.O. a book is a really thoughtful gift because you have to know what they like in order to pick out the perfect book. They might have a novel they’ve been wanting to read that would be perfect, or maybe they would like a cookbook, or an art book, or a comic, or a graphic novel – there’s a lot of options when it comes to books!

If you want to avoid cringe, I’d suggest staying away from corny books that are often marketed for relationships, Valentine’s Day or other holidays, or just love in general. Those tend to seriously overwhelm when it comes to cringe level. 


6. A Game

Getting your partner a fun game that the two of you (and maybe some friends!) can play together is a really nice gift to show you care. It’s thoughtful and meaningful without all the mushy cringe! It could be a board game, card game, video game – whatever you guys are into!

Games are really fun and it’s something that will let you make memories together and have a good time, so what is there to lose? Besides the game, of course. 


7. A Subscription

A subscription to something your S.O. likes can make a great thoughtful gift. There are lots of different subscriptions you can choose from, so there’s bound to be something that’s perfect for your S.O.!

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You could get them a few months of their favorite magazine, or a few weeks of a weekly food or snack subscription box. With so many different fun subscriptions to choose from, it’s a great gift to give that isn’t drowning in cringe! 

8. Art Print/Wall Decor

Gifting your partner some cool art or decorations for their place is a great idea for a gift that’s sure to be appreciated for its practicality and its lack of cringe factor. What’s more thoughtful than helping them to spice up their walls with some cool art? They’ll appreciate it and think of you every time they see that piece of decor (which may sound corny, but it’s just romantic! No cringe involved here). 


9. Tech/Electronics

If you’re willing to spend a little money on your significant other, getting them some technology or electronics is a great idea. It could be something you know they’ve always wanted, or something you know could be useful to them.

You could go a little more expensive and get them something like an apple watch or new headphones, or you could get them something smaller like a movie or a CD of a band you know they’ll like. Giving your S.O. some new tech is a nice and thoughtful way to let them know you pay attention to what they like. 


10. Toiletries 

This one may seem odd, but giving your significant other some toiletries as a gift can be a nice way to help them out and give them something practical that they need and can use without having to spend money on themselves. There are so many different products you could gift, but if you know they have favorite brands or products they typically use, try those!

You could give things like skincare products, hair products, shower soaps or gels, lotions – the list goes on! You could get creative and make a gift basket out of the things you get them to make it more fun. It’s a thoughtful give that they’re sure to appreciate, and it saves them money! 


It can be hard to avoid serious cringe when shopping for thoughtful gifts for your significant other, but it’s not impossible! These 10 ideas make great gifts that your partner is sure to appreciate and that won’t overwhelm them with cheesiness. How do you avoid being super cheesy when buying gifts for your S.O.? Would you ever try gifting something from this list to your partner? Share your thoughts with us below!

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