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10 Thoughtful DIY Gifts For Mother’s Day

Where would be without our Moms? I mean seriously, how can we possibly thank them for all that they’ve done for us? Well, when it comes to Mother’s Day, you get to do just that, and thoughtful DIY gifts are the way to go! Mom’s everywhere love it when their kids make them something homemade and from the heart. So get ready to use your creative skills and try these 10 thoughtful DIY gifts that will definitely make the Mom in your life feel special! 

1. Make a family vision board collage

This heartfelt DIY gift is perfect for Mother’s Day! Show your Mom that you care by creating a family vision board, collage style! Print out the best family photos dating years back, and don’t forget family pets! Include inspirational quotes, vacation destinations, and inside jokes on colored cardstock. And if you showcase a special family picture with a funny memory, write down your side of the story too! To add the finishing touch, frame the collage and wrap it with a bow! 

2. Make a cute face mask

This Mother’s Day, make a DIY gift that is true to the times we’re in! Purchase some of her favorite colored cloth or order fabric with her favorite design on it, and make your Mom a homemade face mask. This gift is both practical and thoughtful, and she can take it anywhere she goes! 

If you want to go above and beyond, consider attaching a lanyard to the face mask, so she can fashion it into a necklace! For instance, my Mom is always losing her face masks, so I decided to clip her mask to a cute lanyard, and now when she comes back from shopping, she still has her mask! 

3. Create your own geometric fortune cookies

For this DIY gift, you might have to watch some Youtube videos on how to fold paper into different shapes. But I promise it will be worth it! Simply write down on colored cardstock your favorite character traits about your Mom, special memories the two of you share, or even inside jokes only she will get. Pour your heart out, people! Then, fold the colored cardstock into different geometric shapes. Finally, arrange the shapes in a gift basket, or even place them inside a mason jar. The choice is up to you! 

4. Breakfast in bed, tray and all

Yes, this is a cliche, but it’s also the perfect way to start Mother’s Day! You just have to go all out for this one! When making your Mom breakfast in bed, don’t just flip a couple pancakes and call it quits. Try making something extra special, like mini chocolate puff pastry rolls. On the tray, include her favorite flowers, a cute fruit arrangement, and maybe even a new candle! Brew her favorite coffee and add a swig of Baileys Irish Cream! Your Mom will wake up feeling loved and special! 

5. Customized Bangle Bracelet

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with jewelry! For this gift, you can either make it yourself by purchasing charms at your local arts and crafts store, or you can customize a bracelet online. Regardless, make sure to include a charm with a mini photo of the two of you. She’ll wear it forever! 

6. Make a “Love You to Pieces” picture frame

Your Mom will proudly display this DIY keepsake on her work desk! All you need is a picture of you and your Mom, a frame, and a colorful puzzle (but make sure it’s a puzzle you don’t care too much about because after this project you’ll never be able to use it again)!

Start by inserting the beloved picture into the frame. Then, on colored cardstock, add in the top left-hand corner, “I Love You To Pieces!” Once the picture and written message are sealed in the frame, begin gluing all of the puzzle pieces haphazardly around the frame, making sure to layer them over one another. Remember, the messier, the better! 

7. Design a personalized calendar

 Your Mom will love this DIY gift! There are several ways to create this gift. You can try customizing a calendar online, you can purchase a store calendar and glue your own keepsakes inside, or you can start from scratch and completely make it by hand. Either way, the idea here is to include family pictures, funny quotes, and important dates that are already entered into the calendar. You’re showing your Mom that you remembered the big events, like Grandpa’s birthday!

Another fun tip is to try and select family photos that complement the month. So for October, find a picture with your family dog splashing through a huge pile of raked autumn leaves. And if you’re thinking, “Well, the new year already started!” Just know it’s never too late to give your Mom a calendar! Simply adjust the time frame to end next May.

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8. Customized kitchen coasters

For this thoughtful DIY gift, try customizing kitchen coasters! You can design them online or you can try making them yourself. Simply select some of the best family pictures you have and insert them at the base of the coaster. Your Mom will love this sentimental yet practical gift, and her coffee table will finally be free of drip stains! 

9. Personalize a journal

If your Mom loves to write, make her a one-of-a-kind journal where she can keep all of her thoughts and dreams. There are so many ways to decorate a journal, but to name a few, you can try making a wooden, ombre, leather, or bookbinding journal.

To make the journal extra special, on the inside cover write a special message to your Mom and date it with the year. Every time she goes to write, she’ll flip open her journal and see your heartfelt message! 

10. Create a family recipe jar

Out of all these thoughtful DIY gifts, this one is my favorite. All you need is a cute mason jar, colorful flashcards, and your family’s help! The idea here is to give your Mom a jar filled with recipes passed down from your grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. So call up your family and start asking for some delicious recipes, or recipes that are special to them. Make sure to title the flashcard according to the family member, like “Grandma’s Homemade Snickerdoodles.” This gift will not only be practical, but it’ll show your Mom that you brought the family together! What more could she ask for? 

Which of these thoughtful DIY gifts are you going to give your Mom? Share your favorite ones below!

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