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10 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Friend Smile

10 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Friend Smile

Do you have a long-distance or social-distanced friend who you would like to show a little love? If so, sending a thoughtful care package is a cute way to show them how much you care. 

Perhaps you have a friend that needs a pick-me-up or you just want to brighten a loved one’s day–whatever the reason, sending a small gift is a wonderful gesture of friendship. A care package can uplift, encourage, and be a wonderful source of comfort. Imagine how much your heart would soar if you received an out of the blue gift from a loved one. In the wise words of me, when you can’t give your presence, give a present!

So, without further ado, here are a few thoughtful care package ideas to make a friend feel the love.

1. A photo collage of your cutest memories together

This one is truly adorable. Choose your favorite friendship pictures and have them printed out at the nearest drug store. For example, you can order photos from Walgreens and pick them up at the nearest location on the same day!


Once you have your photos, it is time to get crafty. There are many different ways you can arrange your photos — a photo collage, a scrapbook, a picture album, or placed in individual frames. Whatever you decide to do with the photos, the effort you put in will most definitely make your friend light up when they open their thoughtful care package.

10 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Friend Smile

2. A collection of their favorite snacks & candies

There is actually nothing better than receiving a box of your favorite snacks–especially when they are your exact preferences and have been hand-picked by one of your close friends.

Also, if you do not know exactly what your friend likes, just ask them! You do not have to be subtle when you ask. Unless you are notorious for sending out of the blue gifts, your friend will not expect a care package just because you ask them what their favorite treats are. The effort will be appreciated and your friend will be truly delighted when they open up their present!


3. A wholesome box of baked goods

In the same vein, putting together a box of homemade treats is also a super sweet care package idea! Make some homemade cookies and send them over in an airtight container. Whatever you decide to bake, just make sure it is fresh when you send it so won’t be moldy or stale when it arrives. 

10 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Friend Smile

4. A succulent, a candle, and a bar of natural soap

A box filled with these three items puts the ‘care’ in care package. Together, they are the ultimate cleansing trio — the succulent cleans the air, the candle eliminates the bad odors (hopefully) and the bar of natural soap… well, it is pretty obvious what soap cleans. These three things combine to make a charming gift that is both practical and enchanting.

5. A themed ‘favorites’ care package

Give your care package a theme based on something your friend loves! For example, if your friend loves Harry Potter, make it Harry Potter themed. If your friend has a new hobby they are really into, like knitting, assemble a care package with knitting supplies. Or, build the care package around their new favorite series, book, or movie.


6. A thumb drive with a cute homemade video or PowerPoint

Edit together your favorite videos and pictures with your friend in either a video or a PowerPoint. Both are incredibly thoughtful and will definitely put a smile on your friend’s face. Buy a flash drive to put the homemade video on (the cuter the better.) Then, place the flash drive in a small box or envelope, and make sure to include a note. Sure you could just send your friend the video via email, but mailing the gift is thoughtful and unexpected (in the best possible way.)

10 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Friend Smile

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7. A PMS care package

Send a care package with all the provisions your friend needs for ‘that time of the month.’ For example, you can send a package that includes their favorite chocolate, an uplifting novel, a box of PMS or ginger tea from Traditional Medicinals, and more. 


8. A poetry book, a journal, and a box of tea

Ah, the classic poetry-journal-tea combo. Receiving them is like being enveloped in a warm, lasting hug. If your friend is a fan of tea, poetry, or writing down their feelings, put together a care package with these three things. Make sure you include a note with some heartening words. 

9. A ‘survival’ kit

Send your friend a pandemic survival kit with all the necessary essentials: cute face masks, hand sanitizer, candy, and their favorite movie or book. Or, send your friend a summer survival kit with all the necessary supplies to keep cool on the hottest of days: a pair of sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and a reusable cup for iced coffee. Include a note that relays the purpose of the kit. Write something like, ‘A little gift to help you beat the heat.’

10 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Friend Smile

10. With a little help from the internet

If you don’t have the time or resources to put your own care package together, do not fear! There are actually plenty of online businesses that will package and send out your gift. Check out a few of them below:

  • Huneybox: Customize your own care package by choosing from a selection of ethical and heartwarming items. Huneybox lets you send a photo and a personalized note for your friend or loved one. Check out Huneybox here!
  • Milk Bar: The Sampler Care Package from Milk Bar is the perfect box of goodies. Order one for your friend here
  • Etsy: For those friends who are really into crystals, check out the Self Care Crystal Kit from Etsy
  • Bean Box: And finally, deliver the perfect breakfast straight to your friend’s door with this Good Morning Gift Box from Bean Box

10 Thoughtful Care Package Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Friend Smile

Which thoughtful care package will you send to your friend or loved one? Share your own creative care package ideas in the comments below!

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