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This Is Why I Have A Problem With The Gillette Commercial

This Is Why I Have A Problem With The Gillette Commercial

The media attention surrounding the Gillette commericial may seem like an overreaction but after watching it multiple times I feel unsettled by it.

Whichever side of the aisle you pledge allegiance to, the new short film by Gillette should worry you. Why? Because while we raise women up to the point of being beyond reproach, society is simultaneously crushing the spirit and masculinity of boys throughout the West.  The Gillette commercial is sending the message to their customer base that they need to be more like women and suppress their natural masculine urges. I have a problem with the feminization of western men, and you should too.

The Best A Man Can Get

The overall message of the commercial seems to be that men are inherently evil and everything from TV to kids wrestling in the backyard have encouraged men to continue in their wickedness. Is this the best a man can get? The overly serious narrator asks as little boys play together and a woman cowers because her boss is mean to her. One, little boys don’t buy razors and two isn’t it a bit counterproductive to show a woman close to tears because her boss talked over her? What, does society have to feminize men because women can’t handle themselves? Thank you, feminism.

This Is Why I Have A Problem With The Gillette Commercial

Toxic Masculinity Isn’t a Thing

This term is an infuriating invention by feminists to explain the differences between men and women. Feminists like to say that men are bigger and stronger because society has taught them that they can dominate women. And if we eradicate masculinity men and women can live as equals in a liberal utopia and every day is rainbows and butterflies. Stop the assholes chasing the little kid, destroy the old ad with a woman kissing her man’s clean-shaven cheek, stop white men from objectifying women etc. etc. The Gillette commercial puts men into a box labeled villain and the only way they can be let out is if they stop being men.

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys will be boys exists for a reason. Boys are biologically different than girls and they learn to socialize differently as well. Like it or not it is healthy for boys to wrestle in the backyard with their friends and test their strength. I’m not an advocate of bullying but it’s a part of growing up and girls are more vicious than boys on that front. To say all boys are bad for being boys is a concept that is growing in popularity and extremely damaging to the future of our society.

Gillette is Attacking Its Customer Base

From what I can recall of product marketing, companies must use advertising to persuade their customer base to identify with their product which will make them want to buy it. Gillette isolated itself from its customer base with their new short film. The feminist that filmed the ad most likely doesn’t shave at all so they can’t rely on her to save their sales. Which leaves me to wonder what were they trying to achieve? Seems to me they weren’t thinking beyond being the wokest razor company out there.

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This Is Why I Have A Problem With The Gillette Commercial

White Men as Sexist Pigs Vs. The Black/Brown Knight

On a few separate occasions during the Gillette commercial, men of color stop white men from sweet talking and checking out women. The message is that white men are generally the perpetrators of sexual harassment and brown men are their protectors. What is the purpose of including racist stereotypes of white men and glorifying men of color other than to race bait and encourage tribalism? Shame on you, Gillette.

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This Is Why I Have A Problem With The Gillette Commercial

What are your thoughts on the Gillette commercial? Let me know in the comments below!

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