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This Is What Happened When I Deleted Social Media For A Week

This Is What Happened When I Deleted Social Media For A Week

It is true that social media has become quite a big part of our lives now and it’s pretty common for us to spend hours on social media these days. We have to admit that we are all a little bit obsessed with social media than we probably should! So here’s what happened to me when I deleted all my social media for a week.

I Had So Much More Time

I had so much more free time during the social media free week and it was honestly quite unbelievable! I’d always blame it on the busy lifestyle I live which leaves me hardly any time to do anything. But I realised the reason why I was hardly left with any time for myself was that I spend so much time on social media every day! This has actually made me reflect on my screen time.


I Was So Much More Productive

I realised that I spent significantly less time in my daily routine. I did everything a lot quicker and I definitely spent less time. I wasn’t on the toilet for as long, I ate my meals quicker, I got ready quicker in the morning and I even left the house quicker which left me time to enjoy a little quick breakfast! I ALWAYS thought I take up a lot of time in the morning deciding what to wear, but it turns out it’s because I’m on my phone too often!

I Was More Focused

It is no surprise that social media is distracting. My attention span really improved during the week where I had no distraction from all those social media notifications. This also means I was able to complete tasks quicker and I procrastinated a lot less than I normally would. It definitely made me reflect on how I should limit my screen time to boost productivity and attention span.

Better Quality Sleep

I fell asleep so much quicker over the week! It turns out scrolling on your phone before bed is pretty bad for you. The blue light which the screen produces affects your quality of sleep significantly. I replaced my before bed scrolling with some light reading, which really helped me to sleep better. I woke up feeling really refreshed and well-rested!


I Felt Calmer

The act of constantly checking on your phone and receiving notifications really contribute to your stress level. The idea that you have to constantly stay updated on social media create a vicious cycle of stress. I felt more calmed and at peace with myself because I wasn’t bombarded with all those social media notifications.

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I Really Took Care Of Myself

Not being on social media means I really made myself a priority. I took better care of myself in terms of how I’m feeling and how I’m managing stress. My well being really improved over the week without social media. Not being on social media and constantly scrolling through other people’s feed means there was no other distraction and I really focused on myself rather than on social media.

I Looked At Things Differently

I really changed my perspective on social media. Before I quit social media I always had the thought that if I didn’t update my feed all the time I have the feeling of ‘missing out’ and that I always felt social media required constant attention from me. After a week without social media, I realised it is possible to stop checking notifications on your phone. It turns out what’s on my feed was pretty irrelevant since it was mostly made up of other people and even things I realised that didn’t really concern me. We live in the golden era of digital information and it is really easy to lose yourself in the endless social media scrolling.


So here is everything that happened to me when I deleted all my social media accounts for a week. If you have had experience of being social media free, comment down below to share your experience!

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