This Is How You Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Relationships can be hard at the best of times, but long distance relationships really test your relationship, and that’s a whole other ball game. Long distance relationships, how do I put this simply? Suck. I’m sure we can all agree on that. Some of you will be lucky enough to always have your partner in crime by your side, but for the rest of you who aren’t so lucky – this is how you make a long distance relationship work.

1. Effort

One of the most important elements you need when you’re in a long distance relationship is effort, and you need this from both sides of the relationship. If you are both willing to put the effort in, and show each other how much you love each other from a far, then you’re already on the right track. I’m not even talking about big, well-thought-through gestures – I’m talking about the little good night texts and daily check-ins. Although, obviously travelling to and from each other (when you can) is essential in making a relationship work, but there’s little things you can do to make sure your partner always knows they’re loved. Make time for you two, hop on FaceTime and have a daily catch-up, always say I love you when you have the chance and know that if you want to be with that person and only that person, then the hard work is worth it.

This Is How You Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

2. Communicate

Ah, the c word. Communicate. This can be hard for certain people, and a lot of people struggle when it comes to opening up and telling people how they truly feel. But for a long distance relationship to work, this is vital. Communicate how you feel, talk about your feelings. Whether that be how much you love them, or how much you miss them, or even on your down days when you want to give up – talking is key to a successful long distance relationship.

3. The Spark

Make sure you always work on what we call ‘the spark’. Every relationship, and especially long distance relationships need the spark. When you do get to see each other, you’ve got to make this time extra special. No phones, no distractions – just you two. Make your time together count, make even more memories. Go for romantic getaways, or treat yourselves to a meal and a few cocktails. Always keep working on the spark.

This Is How You Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

4. Don’t Be Selfish

Just because you’re away from each other, doesn’t mean you should stop doing things for your better half. Just because you aren’t physically together, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be a priority anymore. You still need to be there for them and always be on standby, for those little rants or simple catch up about their daily events. You’ve got to compromise when it comes to long distance relationships, you’ve got to work together – be a team.

5. Support Each Other

One of the best things about relationships in general, is that you’ve constantly got a support system whenever you need it. And when you’re in a long distance relationship, this is essential. You’re away from each other, living your own dreams and carving your own path – but you’ve always got each other to lean on. Someone there to encourage and to motivate you whenever you need a little pick-me-up. You can still be with the one you love and lead different lives, still accomplish whatever you want. You can still be independent and be your own person. Grow together, not a part – be their biggest fan.

This Is How You Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

6. Consider Each Others Feelings

You’ve got to consider everyones feelings in life, including your own. But when you find yourself in a long distance relationship, you have to consider your better half and how they might be feeling. If you know distance is hard for your partner and is getting her down, then do everything you can to reassure her. You know your partner better than anyone, you know the right things to say.

7. Always Be Truthful

When you’re away from each other, you’re obviously going to be doing stuff without your partner, and experiencing things without them. But, if you’re truthful with each other about everything – where you are and who you’re with, then the trust won’t be broken. When the trust is gone, there’s no going back. So be as honest and open as you can, this will only make you stronger.

This Is How You Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Are you in a long distance relationship? Have you got any tips for making a long distance relationship work? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below.

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