Thinking of Tossing Your Blazers to the Back of the Closet for Summer? Think Again

Blazers seem to be decorating the racks everywhere we look. We see them styled with biker shorts and sneakers, as well as in matching sets with a pair of pumps. While some styles embrace the traditional, fitted nature of the jacket, others reject it — like the boyfriend and looser fit styles. Either way, we’re all about them. And despite the common misconception that they belong in colder months, we can’t seem to keep them hibernating in our closets during the warmer ones. 

We threw together five summer looks that show off any blazer in your closet. If you’re looking for ways to style yours, we highly recommend scrolling. 

The Blazer. 

To me, there’s nothing like a blazer, especially a navy-colored one. It’s simple, versatile, and, not to mention, my favorite color. Luckily, I had this bad boy (me, referring to my navy blazer) in my closet, but any blazer should do the trick. Here are some affordable options if you’re itching to purchase one:


Again, any blazer should get the job done! 

Look #1: Midi Skirt & Sneaks. 

Here’s my thought process behind this outfit: Grab your favorite midi skirt, pair of comfy sneakers and, of course, a matching blazer. Luckily, this old Anthropologie midi has touches of navy, which made it the perfect match to my blazer. Otherwise, I grabbed my favorite pair of white Chucks and a simple white scoop neck t-shirt — to match my sneakers of course. 

In order to create a similar look, here’s what I recommend: a statement midi that has some color tie to your blazer, as well as a neutral colored t-shirt and pair of sneakers. Here, the white t-shirt and sneakers effortlessly allow the patterned skirt to pop. And the blazer? Talk about a cherry on top. 


This outfit would be perfect for a day out and about, grabbing lunch, hitting the shops and whatever else you might enjoy doing outside of quarantine. The sneakers make the look casual, but not too casual that a nice dinner would be scratched off the list of places to wear it. 

Thinking of Tossing Your Blazers to the Back of the Closet for Summer? Think Again.

Look #2: Missing Accessory: A Glass Of Chardonnay. 

Okay, I’ll admit it, this outfit is pretty similar to the one above. However, I wanted to show something slightly more formal, and one worthy of a glass of chardonnay in hand. Well, let’s be real — I’d hold a glass of that in sweatpants. But you get the point. The more blazer pics the better, right?


If you’re looking to jazz up a blazer, here’s an idea worth trying out. For the top, I made sure to keep it neutral — to keep the attention focused on the real stars of the show, of course. Speaking of, this Zara high-waist ruched skirt, which was the bottom half of a set I bought a few years back, was the perfect companion for my navy blazer. I would have substituted the white top with the original set top, but unfortunately my room is messy and I couldn’t find it! To finish it off, I threw on a pair of hardly platform sandals. These ones are Donald Pliner, but any sandal will do just fine. Here are some sandal suggestions:

To add a touch of sophistication, I wore the blazer resting on my shoulders. However, if you’re headed somewhere windy, I’d recommend slipping your arms through the sleeves. You wouldn’t want your blazer to blow away — you’ll need it for the next few looks!

Thinking of Tossing Your Blazers to the Back of the Closet for Summer? Think Again.


Look #3: Dress it up.

This is, without a doubt, the most effortless look to recreate. And while it may seem self explanatory, allow me to clarify, step by step. Grab your favorite summer dress, then a pair of your favorite wedges — both of which should match your blazer — and voila. You’re set. If the dress-blazer combo is too elementary for your liking, feel free to add jewelry and a clutch — again, preferably one that either matches the blazer or serves as a statement. Pro tip: pull the sleeves up to mid-length for a more casual look… or if you get too hot while you’re out in the summer sun.  

This Zara dress is by far my favorite, and easily my most frequent summer go-to. The dress doesn’t necessarily have to incorporate the blazer’s color in it, as the dress is the only piece of clothing the blazer needs to match. However, the shoes should match one of the two. These Tory Burch wedges are super old, but have been a closet staple of mine for longer than I can remember. Whatever you choose, just remember: any dress will work! Life can be complicated. Styling an outfit doesn’t have to be. 

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Thinking of Tossing Your Blazers to the Back of the Closet for Summer? Think Again.

Look #4: Business Casual. 

When most of us think of blazers, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional ‘nine to five’ look we know so well. And while blazers have made strides out of the business uniform stereotype they’ve been known for, they’re still wardrobe staples. And we’re not complaining. This look honors the conventional purpose of the blazer, but with a casual (and comfortable) twist. 

Underneath the blazer is a black flowy camisole bodysuit. While this spaghetti-strap top is probably not appropriate for the office, it’s nothing a blazer can’t cover up. For pants, I grabbed this über comfortable pair of faux trousers. I say ‘faux’ because the material is so stretchy, they might as well be called track pants. Here are similar pairs of comfortable trousers, all of which would be more than suitable for this look. 


In this case, the blazer keeps the ‘business’ in business casual. And the best part? No one has to know that your pants are basically sweatpants. I mean, you already have a blazer on. That’s formal enough for work, right? 

Look #5: City Girl On The Move. 

Not to be biased, but this look is the one I’m most proud of, and definitely the one I’m wearing first. That is, as soon as I am able to leave the house. Whether you’re running for a taxi or strolling to pick up lunch, this look will make you look and feel like a top executive.

The components of this look are fairly simple. The first thing you’ll need is a long-sleeved white button down, and preferably one with flared sleeves. While the flare is not necessary, the sight of the sleeves popping out of the blazer sleeves makes the look appear more cohesive and fun. Next, pick out denim bottoms of your choice. If you’re planning on wearing this on a warmer day, allow me to suggest denim shorts or a skirt. The thought of denim on a warm day is not a pleasant one! To complete the look, grab your favorite pair of sneakers and, of course, your blazer. 


Here are some white button down options:

However you choose to style renditions of these outfits, be sure to send us pictures! And be sure to let us know your favorite way to style a blazer!

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