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8 Things Your Partner Won’t Tell You About your Makeup

8 Things Your Partner Won’t Tell You About your Makeup

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Ladies, makeup is a fantastic creation. It works absolute miracles and can be your best friend. From wanting to look your best all spruced up for a big night out to when you’re having a crappy day and need that boost of confidence, it can help brighten your mood. The magic make-up bag is always there to help in any situation. Including when you want to look good for the special someone in your life, make-up helps us emphasise our best and most beautiful features. However, lets’ face it, most women are more than aware of the make-up do’s and don’ts when it comes to your personal application and ritual… And so is your partner, and they may not always have the heart or energy to tell you what they are and if your ever commit these cosmetic-crimes. But not to fear, here’s a list of the big 8 things your partner won’t tell you about your makeup that can help you check up on yourself.

1. Less Is More

Generally, this saying is true for most things in life, and especially your daily make up routines. Your partner loves you for you. They fell in love with you and your personality and how you look. They love YOUR face, so why would you want to cover up what attracts them to you? You should flaunt your facial details and be proud that it is yours, because, after applying seven layers of foundation, powder, highlighter and blush, you may look like a model but you will not look like you. And you better believe it that they notice it too, it’s just one of those things your partner won’t tell you. they may like certain details and ways that you apply your make-up but they know that it isn’t your natural face. It also shows confidence, your partner wants to know that you are comfortable enough around them and confident in yourself to embrace your facial features and structures. They want to walk in town and know that your theirs and show you to the world as the most natural and beautiful person you are. Sometimes the things your partner won’t tell you just shows they love you know matter what. Never forget, confidence is extremely attractive.

8 Things your partner won’t tell you about your makeup

2. Foundation Shades And Lines

Foundation is a brilliant product. It is literally the foundation of your entire look. It is common knowledge among females (and most males, more that you think ladies) that it is meant to compliment your skin and even out your complexion to give you natural and healthy looking skin. However, on those few occasions that you put too much on, whether you were in a rush, or you haven’t washed your makeup brushes/ sponge in a while, your partner will notice. It covers up the details of your skin, what makes you individual, unique and beautiful to your partner. You would be surprised how that little freckle beneath your eye catches your other-half out, it’s just one of the things your partner doesn’t tell you because they assume you already know. How much time they spend looking at it and how your features surround it. It is those little things that the person closest to us is supposed to notice, appreciate and adore. So why cover it up? You put this much effort into your appearance for them so leave them some of that eye candy that only they will see, and you may receive more compliments about them too.

8 Things your partner won’t tell you about your makeup

3. Blush

When it comes to makeup, there are small details that lead to the things your partner won’t tell you because they are confused. Everyone loves a bit of rouge, it’s a fact and one that has been proven by science. We all want to look like those cute and sexy pin up girls with their flushed cheeks. You know that when you put those rosy cheeks on you instantly acquire some sweet, natural yet sexy appeal (which is good, make it work for you!) and it makes us look younger and youthful too. But have you ever wondered why our partners get subconsciously aroused by our blushing skin? It’s simply because that’s what your face does when you’re aroused and after sex. Yep your skin flushes from exhilaration and exertion. So when your lover looks at your flushed-face they are subconsciously, without knowing it, picturing your face right after sex, how sweet… But, and it’s a big but, your partner probably wouldn’t want to be thinking of you in such a loving and sensual way if you looked like you had just ran a marathon. Excess blusher doesn’t seem natural so your partner isn’t going to make those subconscious connections. So just remember, blush is beautiful and sexy, just keep it natural. This is one of those things your partner won’t tell you because they may not know what exactly to say.

8 Things your partner won’t tell you about your makeup

4. Eyebrows

Eye brows have been getting bigger and bigger for the past five years. Thanks to our now accepted society standard of self-pride and beauty, and celebrities promoting beauty in what you have and what is different, drawn on eye-brows is the result. Women have been tinting and styling their eyebrows since the Ancient Egyptians ruled, so it has always been a beauty trait and a feature that we know needed attention. Although, there is definitely a difference between tinting your eyebrows to draw that bit of extra attention to them and make them that bit more prominent and drawing false eyebrows over your current ones, which does not make them very appealing to your partner. You want to be showing your femininity and pride at your subtle skills of accenting your best features rather that drawing over your face to make them the most prominent feature that people can see. Your lover doesn’t want to spend an intimate moment staring into your eyes, and realise that they can’t find them past your eyebrows. As harsh as this statement sounds, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having big or dark eyebrows, but you have to work with the features that you already have, not try to create something that is not there. You were born with your features for a reason, use them and your partner will find you more attractive for it. This is one of those things your partner won’t tell you because they may be a bit confused.

8 Things your partner won’t tell you about your makeup

5. Lipstick

Ladies love lipstick! The rows and rows of different colours shades and brands of lipstick is enough to tempt any girl to empty her bank account. But, one of the things your partner won’t tell you is that they are not too fond of it. Now this isn’t meant literally, some guys and girls might love the sight of you on a night out smiling with your pearly-whites contrasting against your lips, or when you’re in a snap shot pursing out your coloured lips, lipstick can look good! Have you noticed though, how much less your partner kisses you when you wear it? That’s because as amazing as it looks the feeling of someone else’s lipstick is not a very nice one. Its oily, slippery and it gets everywhere. Partners want to kiss you but they don’t want to come away wearing half of your lipstick too. So the point is, wear lipstick by all means but don’t be expecting too many of those romantic smooches.

8 Things your partner won’t tell you about your makeup

6. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is pretty similar to the lip stick, but worse… Its wet, sticky, feels slimy, and it gets everywhere. Lip gloss makes your lips look bigger, fuller and obviously shiny. The wet look is definitely a sexy one when done correctly and in the right shade, rosy shades being the best. Your partner is definitely going to get aroused if your lips look big and inviting as if you’ve just licked them. When applying lip gloss, you want a shade that is the same or a little darker than your natural lip colour and not too wet. Again the art and skill in lip gloss choice is getting the right balance between natural and sexy. Make your lips look appealing and hot. Make your partner go crazy and think of nothing else other than how much they want to plant a big intimate kiss on them. Another trick to bear in mind is working with how the texture of lip gloss changes while you are wearing it. Don’t fall into the habit of constantly reapplying lip gloss after you have a drink as your partner doesn’t want you to be too obsessed over how you look. Own the fact that your lips look a little duller once it starts to wear off and that sexy tint of colour is left behind on your lips. The things your partner won’t tell you can make you insecure if not understood properly. It makes you more attractive to be confident with the way your makeup changes over the day.

8 Things your partner won’t tell you about your makeup

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7. Perfume

Things your partner won’t tell you can get in the way of your intimate time. Our partners are attracted to our scent, another scientifically proven fact. They like that you smell pretty and feminine. Also the pheromones are proven to attract people on a primal level. Now we’re not saying that putting on your favourite perfume is going to have men and women charging at you like the famous Lynx advert, but it will turn your partner on that much more when they get the smell of your perfume mixed with your natural scent. With this said, it’s not going to attract people if you wear your perfume strong enough for it to be a repellent. Do you think your partner wants to share your smell with the rest of the population in your close vicinity? Not likely. They want your smell to be one of those special things that only they can smell when your cuddled up on the sofa watching TV, or you’re spooning late at night and they catch a small hint of it after a long day. It goes back to that universal point that less is definitely more…


8 Things your partner won’t tell you about your makeup

8. Less Is More

This is in our list twice because it is the most important point for nearly every aspect of life. The things your partner won’t tell you should’t stop you from sprucing yourself up for them. You want to catch your partner looking at you with that lust in their eyes because they’ve noticed that little freckle on your cheek. You want them to spontaneously kiss you in the kitchen or street, because they notice how full and beautiful the shape of your lips are. You want them to whisper how amazing you smell in your ear, so that you know only they can smell you and its turning them on. All of these small things make you feel loved and sexy, it shows that they are attracted to you, that they notice the little details about your skin, that they want you because they think you are beautiful. So work with it ladies, accentuate your features, use less to be more beautiful in your partner’s eyes. Stop worrying what that random guy or girl thought of you in the street when you’re never going to see them again. Feel beautiful and sexy for your partner and that’s exactly what they will think of you. If the things your partner won’t tell you become an issue, then maybe just tell them they can speak up and you won’t get mad. Being confident is key, and having each other’s backs is important

8 Things your partner won’t tell you about your makeup

Morale of this whole article, do what works for you and your partner, stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Less is more. Things your partner won’t tell you can be frustrating, but they always look at you with love.
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