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10 Things You’ll See On Every UF Students’ Snapchat

10 Things You’ll See On Every UF Students’ Snapchat

We've put together some of the most common things you'll see on every UF students' Snapchat. If you go to UF, you'll be able to relate.

You’ll find a young college student on Snapchat at multiple moments throughout the day. At UF it’s no different. Everyone takes a picture of themselves, whatever lecture all they happen to be in as well as the occasional building they’re passing. Obviously, each person’s story remains personal to them, but when you attend the University of Florida, certain things and events will end up on every story. Here’s a list of the top 10 things on every UF Students’ snapchat.

1. A Picture with Gators


Whether they’re alive or one of the many statues around you’ll find the photo or video of the beloved mascot of the school.


2. The Bat House


It’s in the F book. It’s a tradition. It happens every evening. Even if you didn’t plan on it, you might find yourself near Lake Alice at dusk at witness bats flying overhead and capture the moment on your Snapchat.



3. North Lawn



Right outside of the Reitz Union, this area features clubs tabling, school events and late-night dance practice. Anyone walking through it may find themselves interested in an event or just admiring a beautiful day and capture the moment.

4. Turlington



It’s a crazy, loud student trap. There are hundreds of students just trying to pass through and make their way to class, and they find themselves stopped by handouts, protests, and presentations. It’s honestly the most snapped thing on campus.

5. Century Tower



It chimes each day every quarter of the hour from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. No matter how many time you hear it, on a beautiful day, there’s a place for it on your story.

6. Sporting events

Sports bring the school together and football, more specifically, is the namesake. If you don’t go to a football game in the fall, then you’re capturing a three-pointer from a basketball game in early spring.


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7. The Library

Either at Marston or Library West, we spend more hours at the library than we do in our beds for the week. You’re bound to find it on a story most likely with a caption that tells you how many hours passes.

8. Starbucks

It’s all over campus. No one sleeps, and we’re all a little basic inside.


9. Krishna Lunch

It’s all about aesthetic when it comes to the daily Krishna Lunch snap. Either you’re capturing the beautiful (free) full plate food, or you’re showing everyone that humongous line that seems to go on forever.


10. Green Pond behind the Reitz Union

It’s quiet, calming and a good place to eat lunch or relax and study. Minus the days the sprinklers are on it’s always a picture-perfect place.

What else do you see on every UF students’ Snapchat?
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